Key Assets Presents New Career Opportunities in Fostering

By Key Assets Sa Ltd, PRNE
Thursday, March 10, 2011

UNLEY, Australia, March 11, 2011 - Key Assets, a 'not for profit' non-government fostering agency operating
in South Australia, is providing carers with the opportunity to commit to
fostering on a full time basis with 24-hour support and a rewarding fostering
fee. This will enable carers to commit the time and attention that this
fulfilling career deserves.

Working in partnership with the Department for Families and Communities,
Key Assets provides foster care ( ) placements
for a wide range of children and young people across South Australia. Through
the delivery of Team Parenting, an approach based upon the delivery of
therapeutic and holistic support services to the carer and the child, Key
Assets provides positive fostering experiences for children and young people
in out of home care.

With a large number of children and young people in out of home care in
South Australia, Key Assets is committed to offering these children and young
people opportunities for growth and a brighter future.

Key Assets foster carer, Tracy Ortmann describes her experience of
fostering ( ) with
the agency: "The high level of support and financial reimbursement provided
by Key Assets made it an easy decision to give up my full time job and do
what I love the most - helping children and young people."

Tracy adds: "The experience of becoming a foster carer has been so
rewarding - I always knew I loved being a mum and the opportunity to become a
foster carer allowed me to continue this task on a full time basis and give a
child a much needed loving home.

"I get so much pleasure knowing I have given a child the opportunity to
experience what family life should be. Just seeing the happiness on their
faces when they feel like they are part of a family - you don't realise
exactly how much these children have been deprived of. Of course, we have our
good days and our bad days but to expect anything different is unrealistic
when you consider what these children have been through. They deserve the
chance at a normal, loving family life without trauma and I believe that if
we can give just one child a chance at a positive future then we have
achieved something."

Sue Brown, General Manager of Key Assets South Australia, adds: "I firmly
believe that foster carers are the catalyst for a young person's improved
outcomes and that they should be supported and encouraged so that children
and young people in their care can achieve positive outcomes."

Key Assets is looking for foster carers throughout South Australia,
including foster carers in Adelaide ( The agency encourages anybody
interested in fostering to get in touch by calling +61(08)8274-5900 or
visiting the website,

About Key Assets:

Key Assets is a non-government 'not for profit' fostering agency
operating in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. Part of Core
Assets - a global operation providing services in the sector of social care
and fostering - Key Assets aims to provide 'quality care in a family setting'
for a diverse range of children and young people.

    Key Assets South Australia PR contact
    Sue Brown
    General Manager
    Key Assets SA Ltd
    PO Box 3091
    Adelaide SA

Key Assets South Australia PR contact: Sue Brown, General Manager, Key Assets SA Ltd, PO Box 3091, Unley, Adelaide SA, +61(08)8274-5900

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