MotionTouch Designs Defensive Casing on Communications Device for the Special Forces

By Motiontouch, PRNE
Sunday, November 7, 2010

LONDON, November 8, 2010 - MotionTouch, the specialist in innovative product design and
manufacturing, has worked with Paradigm to provide a defensive casing for its
communications device for the Special Forces.

FRED (Find and Report Emergency Device) is a lightweight hand-held device
in a ruggedised silicon shell, utilising both Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD)
and GPS for positioning, making it ideal for emergency situations in hostile
environments. Its advanced satellite communication system designed by
Paradigm is protected by the robust external protection designed by
MotionTouch, giving the user total confidence that the device will alert the
appropriate authorities no matter how aggressive the surroundings.

Paradigm, an EADS Astrium Services Company, approached MotionTouch to
create a simple yet defensive casing for FRED, to house their communications
interface technology. Due to the inhospitable locations and situations the
device would typically be used in, the casing had to be highly robust and
ensure the communications system within worked effectively and reliably.

MotionTouch drew on its extensive ingress-protection expertise in the
design of the rugged device exterior. The silicon jacket, with its IP68
rating, is fully resistant to sand, dust and dirt, water-resistant to 1.2m
and meets the requirements of Mil-Std 810 for temperature vibration and
shock, it can be dropped from 1m with no effect on its interior structure.
Despite this hard-wearing exterior FRED remains light-weight for hand-held
use. MotionTouch put its mobile and wireless technology experience into
effect to ensure the communications system worked efficiently within the
shell, which has the SBD and GPS antennae set apart, so signals remain clear
and uncompromised regardless of location.

With such a complex communication interface, it was crucial the casing
could provide the protection required for use in adverse environments - the
FRED shell achieves this. The device is currently available as part of
Paradigm's LifeLink service (

Henry Powell, Client Director of MotionTouch, commented, "Military
personnel working in areas where communications infrastructures are
unreliable need to be able to depend on equipment like this. We were excited
to work with Paradigm and make a real contribution to FRED via our expertise
in mobile communications and rugged technology."

Keith Norton, Managing Director of Paradigm, added, "The LifeLink
service, 'Help is on the Way', enabled by the FRED device, represents a step
change in the services offered by Paradigm. By having a robust case that
meets the harsh environments MotionTouch has delivered on its promise."


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