Oracle Delivers Best Four Processor Result on TPC-H Benchmark at Three TB Scale Factor

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Solaris 11 Running on Oracle’s SPARC T4-4 Server Outperforms HP and IBM on Industry-Standard Benchmark

Redwood Shores, Calif. – November 30, 2011

News Facts

Demonstrating the outstanding performance of its SPARC T4-4 servers and the benefits of hardware and software engineered to work together, Oracle today announced a best-in-class TPC-H benchmark result at the three TB scale factor(1).
With this latest addition, Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers ( now claim 12 world records ( set on various business-critical enterprise workloads and industry-standard benchmarks.
In this TPC-H benchmark, which evaluates the performance of various Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing and Decision Support Systems for several standard database sizes, referred to as the scale factor (SF), Oracle Database 11g ( Release 2 and Oracle Solaris 11 ( , the first cloud OS, running on a SPARC T4-4 ( server with four SPARC T4 3 GHz processors, achieved a stellar result of 205,792 QphH@3000GB with a price of $4.10/QphH@3000GB.
The SPARC T4-4 server with Oracle Database 11g demonstrated over two times better performance per processor with 36 percent lower price per query (reported as $/QphH@3000GB) than IBM's most recent result by an eight processor Power 780 server running Sybase. Additionally, Oracle’s solution offers better long-term value to its customers, as the TPC-H price/performance metric includes maintenance costs over a three-year period(2).
Compared to the best HP result at the three TB SF, Oracle’s solution delivers 2.5 times faster performance per processor and is capable of loading the entire dataset in half the time of an eight processor HP DL980 server running Microsoft SQL Server(3).
Oracle’s Sun Storage 2540-M2 arrays provided a well-balanced I/O configuration that allowed Oracle Database to achieve the I/O throughput of 17 GB/sec and execute refresh functions up to 3.4 times faster than IBM and up to 3.2 times faster than HP(1,2,3).
With this result, SPARC-based systems running Oracle Database 11g now hold TPC-H performance records at the 3TB SF for four processor systems, as well as an overall single system world record (1,4).
Oracle’s SPARC T4-4 server ( , running Oracle Solaris 11 is a versatile, high performance, highly scalable, two or four-socket server based on the SPARC T4 processor. Optimized for a wide range of enterprise workloads, it delivers unsurpassed single and multi-thread throughput performance and boasts an unmatched combination of speed, security, and availability in a compact 5U design.

Supporting Quote

"This outstanding benchmark result showcases the superior performance of Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers," said Juan Loaiza, senior vice president, Systems Technology, Oracle. "Delivering leading benchmark results across multiple configurations and scale factors is further proof that Oracle continues to provide customers with the best foundation and long-term value for their data warehousing solutions.”

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Source: Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) as of November 30, 2011.
(1) SPARC T4-4 server (4 sockets/32 cores/256 threads) 205,792 QphH@3000GB, US$4.10/QphH@3000GB, 51,448 QphH@3000GB/per processor, available 5/31/12. Database load time: 4h 8m 29s. Refresh function 1: 67.1s. Refresh function 2: 39.5s.
(2) IBM POWER 780 Model 9179-MHB server (8 sockets/32 cores/128 threads) 192,001 QphH@3000GB, US$6.37/QphH@3000GB, 24,000 QphH@3000GB per processor, available 11/30/11. Refresh function 1: 147.3s. Refresh function 2: 133.2s.
(3) HP ProLiant DL980 G7 server (8 sockets/64 cores/128 threads) 162,602 QphH@3000GB, US$2.68/QphH@3000GB, 20,325 QphH@3000GB per processor, available 10/13/10. Database load time: 8h 35 m 17s. Refresh function 1: 173.0s. Refresh function 2: 126.3s.
(4) Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 server (64 sockets/256 cores/256 threads): 386,478 QphH@3000GB, US$19.25/QphH@3000GB, available 9/22/11.

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