Oracle Increases Investment in JavaFX and Outlines Product Roadmap

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plans Include New Java APIs, HTML Rendering, High-Performance Graphics Engine and High-Fidelity Media Playback


News Facts

At JavaOne 2010, Oracle outlined plans to deliver advanced graphics, high-fidelity media, and the ability to render HTML content within Java applications through a programming model that combines the power of Java with the ease of JavaFX.
Oracle is working to tightly integrate JavaFX with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to enable better performance and improved usability.
As part of the next release of JavaFX in calendar Q3 of 2011, Oracle will introduce a new set of Java APIs that will open JavaFX capabilities to all Java developers, without the need for them to learn a new scripting language.
The new Java APIs will:
Allow the use of powerful Java features such as generics, annotations and multi-threading.
Make it easier for Web developers to use JavaFX within other popular dynamic languages such as JRuby, Groovy and JavaScript.
Oracle is also planning to deliver a hardware-accelerated graphics engine that will enable JavaFX applications to render stunning interactive 2D and 3D experiences in real-time.
Oracle is showcasing JavaFX at JavaOne 2010 at more than 30 conference sessions and BOFs, as well as in the JavaOne Exhibition Hall.

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“We are very excited about the upcoming enhancements to JavaFX, which will enable it to become the premier environment for rich client applications,” said Nandini Ramani, senior director of development, Java Client Group, Oracle. “With new Java APIs, Java developers will be able to incorporate powerful JavaFX capabilities into their applications with greater ease. New hardware-accelerated graphics and HTML rendering capabilities will unlock possibilities and enable a new wave of innovative applications.”

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