Windows IT Pro: "Improved Reliability is Within Your Grasp"

By Diskeeper Corporation Europe, PRNE
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New White Paper Details Reliability Benefits of Diskeeper Performance Technology

LONDON, November 25, 2010 - Leading IT publication Windows IT Pro has released a new white paper
entitled "Improved Reliability is Within Your Grasp," enumerating the many
benefits to system reliability available from Diskeeper(R) performance
software. These benefits include increases of 50 percent or more in system
stability, decreases in system crashes by upwards of 20 percent, drastic
reductions in file corruption and data loss, and much more.

"A recent Windows IT Pro survey of Diskeeper performance software users
shows that senior IT management doesn't require educating or convincing that
preventive, proactive defragmentation of the hard drives in an enterprise
system has an overall positive effect on the IT environment," David
of Windows IT Pro wrote in the white paper. "Diskeeper technology
brings to the table an essential component of their IT department's ability
to deliver the most efficient and reliable computing environment to their

The white paper found that the corporate computing landscape continues to
change at a rapid pace, and that IT finds itself in the position of needing
to master significant new technologies in a rapid evaluation that allows
business to keep pace with their competitors. These technologies include
server and client virtualization, server consolidation, public and private
cloud technologies, and green IT.

Diskeeper, with its proprietary IntelliWrite(TM) fragmentation prevention
technology, fully supports such innovative technologies by preventing
fragmentation before it even happens-fully automatically. "With Diskeeper
running as an invisible background application continually optimising disk
access and preventing fragmentation, the potential for a negative impact on
the user experience is eliminated," Chernicoff said.

The white paper found that many IT departments deploy Diskeeper as a
standard part of system configuration for both servers and workstations.
Their survey showed that the benefits gained from this practice far exceed

"The dream of the IT department is to be able to configure and deploy
systems that will then run with little to no interaction from IT," the white
paper concluded. "The benefits of improved hardware reliability and system
performance are clear; longer system life, more effective information
delivery, improved user productivity. These are far beyond the benefits
commonly associated with disk defragmentation software and are the result of
a comprehensive deployment of Diskeeper."

The complete white paper can be downloaded at:

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