Panopticon Partners with GoldenSource to Extend Scope of Data Visualization for the Securities and Investment Management Industry

By Goldensource Panopticon Partners, PRNE
Monday, November 15, 2010

GoldenSource Incorporates Panopticon's Data Visualization Tools to Establish User-Friendly Front End

STOCKHOLM and LONDON, November 16, 2010 - Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis
software for real-time, CEP and time series data, today announced that it has
signed a partnership agreement with GoldenSource, a data management provider
for the securities and investment management industry, to provide a
user-friendly reporting and data visualization layer to itsdata management
systems. GoldenSource will utilize Panopticon's OLAP-enabled data
visualization as part of the solutions it provides to customers globally,
enabling them to take advantage of both preconfigured views of data, and to
develop firm specific views as required.

Michael Meriton, CEO of GoldenSource, stated, "New regulatory directives
such as Basel III and Solvency II and investor demands for enhanced
transparency are increasing the pressure on current risk and data management
practices. Firms need to be able to not just link up all external and
internal systems to gain an accurate view of their data and exposure, but to
make all that information work for them. Panopticon offers an innovative
approach to analyzing data by adding an additional layer of data
visualization, ensuring our customers are able to understand the business
impacts their data at a glance."

The partnership means that data will now be configured in a series of
user-friendly dashboards which make it easy to view and analyze data in any
desired combination. Panopticon's approach of using data visualization tools
coupled with a fast in-memory OLAP data model sits well with GoldenSource's
approach, making this a powerful partnership."

GoldenSource's Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform allows disparate
data sources to share information from a centralized system, creating a
golden copy of the data for multiple uses. The solution delivers all the
market and reference data needs of securities and investment firms on a
single integrated data consolidation platform and provides a range of
benefits, including data sourcing costs, elimination of the downstream need
for validation and exception management, reductions in the incidence of
failed trades, and protection from regulatory risk. The firm's client list
includes many of the most well-known names in the financial services

Chris Elsmore, SVP Partners and Channels Worldwide for Panopticon, said,
"GoldenSource has developed an enviable reputation as the premier supplier of
data management solutions in the financial services community. They have the
global reach that can help us better support clients all over the world, as
well as in financial centers like New York and London. We are especially
impressed with the fit between our front end dashboard and visual analytics
tools and GoldenSource's data management expertise."

GoldenSource will use Panopticon's Developer SDK, the Panopticon EX
enterprise application as well as the new Rapid Development Kit in its
products, including the recently announced GoldenSource RiskHub and
RiskMonitor solutions. The user-friendly dashboard approach is available as
an optional component across GoldenSource's EDM products, adding data
analysis capabilities to all current versions of GoldenSource software.

About GoldenSource

GoldenSource makes it easy to manage critical reference and market data.
We offer an integrated Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform for the
securities and investment management industry. Our innovative products are
designed to create, maintain and distribute a trusted golden copy. Our unique
data model covers all financial instruments, customers and counterparties,
and extends to transactions and positions. The ability to connect, organize
and aggregate trusted information reduces risk, drives better decisions and
helps our customers achieve their goals. GoldenSource solutions are used by
forward-looking banks, brokers, investment managers and service providers to
achieve tactical departmental goals and strategic enterprise objectives. A
proven supplier of on premises EDM solutions to the world's largest financial
institutions, GoldenSource also powers managed data services via the
innovative Powered by GoldenSource program. For more information, visit

About Panopticon

Panopticon information visualization technology supports rapid visual
analysis of large data sets and real-time data in financial services,
telecommunications, and other industries. The Panopticon Developer SDK
supports Java, .NET and WPF environments and allows programmers to embed
Treemaps, Heatmaps and other effective business intelligence capabilities
into their own enterprise applications. Panopticon EX is a fully productized
white label solution supporting rapid deployment across the enterprise to
desktops and the web. Clients include information services company Thomson
Reuters, financial giant JP Morgan Chase, project management firm Deltek, and
telecommunications systems provider Polystar. The company has offices in New
, Boston, London and

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