PharmaVentures Engaged by Avexa to Assist in the Out-licensing of Apricitabine

By Pharmaventures, PRNE
Monday, July 11, 2011

OXFORD, England, July 12, 2011 -


PharmaVentures Limited, experts in deals and alliances, are
pleased to announce that they have been engaged by Avexa Limited to
seek an out-licensing partner for apricitabine (ATC), a late-stage,
novel treatment for HIV infection.  The engagement will
utilise PharmaVentures’ global transactional expertise in the
healthcare and investment business sectors.

Dr Fintan Walton, CEO, PharmaVentures, commented, “We are
delighted to have been chosen by Avexa to assist in achieving its
business goal of maximising the return on investment in its
development compound apricitabine (ATC).  With 20 years’
experience of deals and alliances, PharmaVentures can provide Avexa
with immediate access to extensive licensing expertise and a
network of key decision makers in relevant companies.”

Iain Kirkwood, Chairman of Avexa, said, “The appointment of
PharmaVentures to work with and complement our management team is
the next logical step in the commercialisation of ATC following our
successful regulatory meeting with the FDA earlier this year.
PharmaVentures have an excellent reputation and track record in
this area.”

ATC is a novel nucleoside, a class of compound known to be a
vital component of anti-HIV therapy.  ATC offers a new
extension to existing therapies in the treatment of drug-resistant
HIV, especially for those patients with limited remaining
therapeutic options.

PharmaVentures is a leading life sciences transaction advisory
firm with strong capabilities in finding and evaluating
opportunities and negotiating deals.  The licensing team has
an established track record in generating outstanding value for
PharmaVentures’ clients and has assisted in over 100 transactions
in the past 20 years.  

About PharmaVentures Limited

PharmaVentures Limited ( href="">
is a leading international corporate advisory firm supporting its
clients’ growth ambitions in the health care industry. It has
considerable experience and expertise in the field of tangible and
intangible transactions, providing advice at both a strategic
level, as well as acting as advisor and broker at an implementation
level. Its transactional experience includes licensing, joint
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worldwide, including Europe, the USA and AsiaPacific. Clients range
from start-ups to global pharmaceutical corporations, diversified
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It also produces the highly popular PharmaDeals® ( href="">
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 Now in its 20th year, PharmaVentures is based in Oxford, UK,
and employs over 30 people.

About Avexa Limited

Avexa Limited ( href=""> is a
Melbourne-based biotechnology company with a focus on discovery,
development and commercialisation of small molecules for the
treatment of infectious diseases. Avexa’s key projects include
apricitabine (ATC) for the treatment of drug-resistant HIV, an HIV
integrase program and an antibiotic program for
antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.

For enquiries regarding this licensing opportunity or how we can
help your company to achieve its business goals, please

Kevin Bottomley
Head of Transactions
PharmaVentures Ltd.


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