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By Popsop Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sensei Brand Award: Brands Which Inspire, Guide and Mentor

LONDON and MOSCOW, November 11, 2010 - Popsop.com, the popular brand magazine online with 100,000 reader
audience, has announced the launch of its new own branded project Sensei
Award, which celebrates the new approach to awarding global brands for
their certain mentorship activities.

Since August 2010 Popsop has been publishing the voting results for the
Sensei Brand Award 2011 on a monthly basis. The total score by category as of
the current date can be seen daily here:
popsop.com/category/sba-rating. As planned, the final results of the
rating campaign will be announced in 12 months, and in August 2011 we'll
define 3 brand Senseis and the Best of Show Sensei.

As a part of SBA'11 our expert juries vote for the best brand campaigns
in 2010 across 3 areas of social life, which form 3 award criteria:

    - ECO (recycling, environmental protection, green packaging, healthy
      lifestyle etc.).

    - FUN (youth and family values, person and society, love and affection,
      relationships and friendship etc.).

    - MIND (innovations, science, modern arts, high tech, big ideas etc.).

The rating is based upon the judges' votes given to the brand campaigns
and updated each month.

Now we have 23 international judges on the panel for SBA'11 rating

    * Marcus Hewitt - Chief Creative Officer, Dragon Rouge, New York

    * Martin Grimer - Creative entrepreneur, London

    * Silas Amos - Creative Director, jkr, London

    * Stephanie Krompier - Associate Creative Director, Sterling Brands, NY

    * Adrian Pierini - CEO and Founder, Pierini|Partners, Buenos Aires,

    * Derek Johnston - Co-Founder and Creative Partner, Family (and friends),

    * Don Williams - Founder and CEO, pi global, London

    * Mikhail Gubergritz - Executive Creative Director, BBDO Branding, Moscow

    * Tony Di Donato - Managing Director, Di Donato Partners, Melbourne,

    * Rowland Heming - Business Development Director, Design Board, Belguim

    * Helge Tenn0 - Planner, Scandinavian Design Group, Oslo, Norway

    * Robert Passikoff - Brand Keys Founder and President, Brand Keys, New

    * Gustavo Piqueira - Founder and Creative Director, Casa Rex, Sao Paulo,

    * Tim Holmes - Head Design Director, Reach, Bristol, UK

    * Jorgen Olofsson - Creative Director and Partner, Amore, Stockholm,

    * Chris Hart - Creative Director, Blue Marlin, Bath

    * John Mathers - Managing Director, Holmes & Marchant, London

    * Dr. Kishore Budha - Director of Semiotics, 1HQ, UK

    * Bertrand Chovet - Managing Director and Partner, Interbrand, Paris

    * Graham Shearsby - Group Creative Director, Design Bridge, London

    * Chris Plewes - Creative Director, Anthem Worldwide, Toronto

    * Gaston van de Laar - Client Services Director, Claessens|Cartils,

    * John Nunziato - Founder and Creative Director, Little Big Brands, New

As a result of SBA'11, Popsop will hold an award ceremony where the
winners-the best brand Sensei's and the Best of Show Sensei will be honoured.

For more information on SBA and Popsop, please see the Award Presentation
and Popsop Media Kit.



If you want to promote your agency or publishing company to the key
people in the brand industry as part of an 11-month project -you're welcome
to SBA Partners/Sponsors.

About Popsop

Founded in 2008, Popsop has managed to become a successful online daily
brand magazine with 100,000+ visitors each month.

Today, Popsop.com is a trusted source of the latest news on brands and
trends in the worldwide FMCG & luxury markets. We have built a strong team of
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In the coming years, we plan to become the most popular site where
brands, agencies and customers become one effective alliance.

Popsop helps the companies establish and enhance their media presence in
Russia and Eastern Europe, which is profitable in terms of gaining new
clients etc. Popsop also develops your brand expert trademark on the market
(both domestic and international). Moreover, Popsop helps the companies and
agencies influence the industry and public opinion by participating in
Popsop's own branded events.

    Here are Popsop and SBA logos to be downloaded:


For more information please contact:

PR: Kate Belan at Popsop on +7(926)751-11-20, media@popsop.com

PR: Kate Belan at Popsop on +7(926)751-11-20, media at popsop.com

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