Porton Group and Lanny Davis Respond to 3M’s Third Attempt to Sue Them, After 3M’s Prior two Attempts in New York Failed

By Porton Group, PRNE
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LONDON, August 31, 2011 -

The Porton Group and its attorney Lanny Davis offered comments today regarding 3M’s effort to change the venue of its lawsuit against them after a New York court ruled that 3M’s prior complaints were “devoid of any monetary demand.”

3M has now hired its third law firm to try for a third time to move forward with its truly ridiculous claims.  When Porton and Mr. Davis moved to dismiss 3M’s claims from the New York court, 3M did not even file a response; 3M simply gave up.  After a New York judge ruled this month that 3M’s complaint was “devoid of any monetary demand,” 3M is now shopping for a more receptive audience from a different court in Washington, D.C.

Porton Group CEO Harvey Boulter said, “3M is desperately looking for a way out of Porton’s breach of contract trial in which the English court will issue its judgment soon.  3M is wrongfully using the American court system to harass and launch public attacks against Porton and its attorney, Mr. Davis, in the hopes that they will back down from their claims that 3M breached its contractual obligations to market BacLite, a potentially life-saving product for victims of the MRSA superbug.”

Porton’s corporate attorney Lanny Davis said, “3M and its attorneys have now filed the same suit for the third time — this time in DC.  That is indicative of the lack of thoughtfulness of its case.  But no matter how many times they file meritless lawsuits against my client and me as its attorney, they can’t change the subject or the facts about their unwillingness to fulfil their contractual commitments, which is now the subject of an ongoing trial in England.”

Mr. Boulter and Mr. Davis both expect that 3M’s latest lawsuit in Washington D.C. will fail, just as its prior two efforts failed in the New York court.


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