PowerMe Mobile Unveils Latest A2P Messaging Solutions

By Powerme Mobile, PRNE
Monday, February 14, 2011

In its continuous innovative drive, PowerMe Mobile, a provider of carrier-grade mobile messaging solutions, will unveil many new products in the one-to-many communication ecosystem at the coming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (Hall 1 G69)

BEIRUT, February 16, 2011 - As many A2P SMS channels are being overlooked and underutilized due to
the inexistence of proper tools and billing mechanisms, PowerMe Mobile has
developed products focusing particularly on "enterprise" and "group"
messaging across devices, whether thru the PC, the mobile phones or notepads.
One-to-many communication with handsets is the next revolution waiting to

With the surge of social and group messaging, it became primordial to
provide adequate tools and systems to handle such A2P SMS traffic in the most
convenient way to enterprises and consumers. The latest product additions to
its award winning MessageManager(R) platform are:

    1. PowerGroup(R): SMS broadcast to Groups on-the-go, easily, seamlessly
       and efficiently without worrying about the charging mechanism. Users
       can create Groups, invite members and let members join the Group. SMS
       broadcasts happen from the handset.


    2. .Dialog(R): enterprises can automate their communication with
       customers through a seamless and efficient 2-way dialogue. This
       solution provides the tools for two-way automation and analytics
       through an interactive messaging dialogue. It enables multiple
       asynchronous interactive SMS sessions allowing businesses to speedily
       set up and launch mobile interactive campaigns including product
       promotions, competitions, quizzes, auctions and text voting without
       any technical knowledge.


    3. PowerDirect(R) an advanced First Delivery Attempt message routing
       solution enables the direct two-way routing of SMS messages between
       the messaging-enabled applications and the subscriber phone.

       PowerDirect(R) uses SS7 or SIGTRAN signaling for message delivery,
       handling the retries when subscriber is unreachable, hence eliminating
       the need for an SMSC for messaging applications.

       Operator will optimize the deployment and maintenance costs of high
       performance messaging solutions substantially.

       PowerDirect(R) is developed from the ground up in Erlang language for
       unmatched speed and reliability and is employing the best of breed
       Dialogic(TM) SS7 signaling stack.

       PowerDirect(R) will allow to offload the VAS and application
       originated messaging from SMSCs, freeing up the SMSC resources


    4. PowerVAS(R): As VAS services are at an all time high and consumers
       needs evolve quickly, the need for a single point of contact for 2-way
       VAS SMS & MMS Services while offering real time interaction, charging
       and reporting is a necessity not only for the operators, service
       providers and developers but also to guarantee subscriber

       Since VAS services are by nature event-driven, handling this traffic
       in an optimal format requires an efficient and flexible open
       infrastructure. PowerVAS(R) satisfies those concerns by introducing an
       SOA based service solution optimized for SP's traffic while catering
       for business, technical and integration requirements.


About PowerMeMobile

PowerMe Mobile is a provider of carrier-grade mobile solutions in the
messaging ecosystem.

Since 2001, our products were deployed on 30 networks in 20 countries in
the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Our Message Manager turnkey platform provides enterprises and consumers
numerous tools to communicate efficiently and intuitively.

Bassam Tueni, +961-1-744674, btueni at powermemobile.com, PowerMe Mobile Booth Hall 1 G69, www.powermemobile.com

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