Mobile Tag Announces 6.6 Million Euro Capital Increase

By Mobile Tag, PRNE
Monday, February 14, 2011

PARIS, February 15, 2011 - Mobile Tag, leader in 2D and 1D barcode marketing solutions,
is announcing that it has successfully raised a new round of financing of 6.6
million Euros

The new funding round was lead by S.E.B. Ventures
(Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Venture Capital) alongside the company's
historic venture investors, XAnge Private Equity and Alven Capital. This
capital raise will allow Mobile Tag to strengthen its position in the US
market as well as further consolidate its European position and develop both
its range of marketing services as well as its sales teams.

Founded in 2006 by Domenico Surace, Mobile Tag employs 55
people in France and the USA.

Mobile Tag develops mobile marketing solutions allowing access
to digital content using a mobile handset to scan 2D barcodes (QR-codes,
Datamatrix, Flashcode, Fotokody), 1D barcodes found on packaging (EAN, UPC),
as well as via NFC tags.

Mobile Tag also offers solutions providing 'Quick Access' to
mobile content - generating and increasing mobile phone usage. Mobile Tag's
packaged solutions simplify the creation and management of mobile marketing
campaigns and can deliver access and usage statistics via an accurate and
high-performance CRM system.

Companies, advertisers, brands and agencies alike are
attracted to these direct marketing tools which allow a superior level of
interaction with prospects or clients.

There is excellent potential for growth in mobile marketing -
key advertisers are present in this buoyant market. Mobile Tag's solutions
are adapted to businesses of all sizes, from top advertisers to independent

"We are convinced that this fundraising operation will affirm
Mobile Tag's position as a leader and increase both its commercial and
technical influence," concluded Domenico Surace, CEO Mobile Tag.

"We're delighted to make this investment in Mobile Tag and
believe MobileTag's technology and above all, its management platform, will
be very attractive for operators, advertisers and direct marketers. We're
looking forward to helping this company achieve its international
aspirations." Frank Kelcz, SEB's appointed board-member for MobileTag

"Since its inception, Mobile Tag, has innovated in the
emerging field of Mobile marketing services. We look forward to seeing Mobile
Tag's evolution as it continues to develop new ways for brands, retailers and
consumers to interact using mobile technology," adds Nicolas Rose, Partner at
XAnge Private Equity.

Nicolas Celier, Partner at Alven Capital, states that: "In 2008 we had
already backed this innovative concept. Given Mobile Tag's results and its
development of Flashcodes, we had no hesitation in renewing our commitment".

About SEB Venture Capital

SEB Venture Capital was established in 1995 and is part of the SEB Group.
With a multistage evergreen fund of approximately 240 million Euros, the fund
has currently 37 investments in the technology and healthcare sectors, and
has achieved 45 exits since inception. SEB is a North European financial
group serving some 400,000 corporate customers and institutions and five
million private individuals.

Read more about SEB at

About Alven Capital

Alven Capital is a venture capital fund, managing EUR 150M, mostly for

investors. Alven Capital invests in high growth companies in the media,
services, and information technology sectors. Alven Capital has already
invested in 40 European companies, including Qosmos, E-Blink, Bi-Sam,
Prowebce,,, Aquarelle, Liligo, Wanimo, Splendia,, Webhelp, Newsweb, Companeo, Metaboli, etc.

About XAnge Private Equity

Backed by leading European corporates and financial institutions, XAnge
is a unique private equity firm, subsidiary of La Banque Postale, one of the
largest retail banks in France and fully owned by La Poste. As of today,
XAnge has 340 million in assets under management. With an international team
of seasoned professionals based in Paris and Munich, XAnge actively supports
leading venture and growth companies in Europe, with a strong focus on

About Mobile Tag

Mobile Tag is the market leader in marketing solutions for 2D,
1D and NFC. In 2006, the company launched mobiletag, an embedded software
application that allows phones to read 2D barcodes, otherwise known as tags,
simply by using the phone's camera. Mobile Tag developed the software to
create quick access to external content.

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