Process to Performance: The Ultimate Transformation Framework for Next Generation Businesses: Fusing Process, People and Technology for Optimal Performance

By Iqpc, PRNE
Monday, February 21, 2011

LONDON, February 22, 2011 - PEX Network, a division of IQPC, introduce one week and one combined
approach to Business Process Excellence and Performance enhancement.

Unlike 10 years ago, Lean, Six Sigma, BPM, along with all the historical
quality and operational improvement approaches can no longer sit in silos.
After the last few years of turmoil, businesses are once again looking to
results - to performance, change and generating meaningful business
opportunities and growth.

Gone are the days where the tools were the be all and end all of Business
Process Excellence. Now a new landscape is emerging placing Business Process
Excellence as one of the key enablers to complete business transformation and
revenue generation.

Process Excellence Week Europe, taking place from the 4th to the 8th
April 2011
at the Brewery, London, is a chance to shift your thinking from
internal process and operational improvement to a truly results driven
framework. It's about moving your improvement and change initiatives to the
next level and position them to provide maximum value for you business in
2011. It's all about how you can:

    - Optimise your business proposition and align your company's capability
    to the customer experience and uncover revenue opportunities you never
    knew you had

    - Uncover revenue, cost and service improvement opportunities that
    previous generation methods have never been able to exploit

    - Create a framework and culture for a high performance organization

    - Learn from the market leaders who enjoyed double digit growth even
    during the darkest days of recession

    - And most importantly - Drive a profitable business and model for
    revenue growth that surpasses the traditional cost cutting approach

Within this backdrop of business results and performance, the agenda will
walk you through 4 key aspects of delivery, offering a rounded model to
business improvement. Sessions covering each aspect of business can be found
across the 3 days that will help you deliver on these critical business
strategies and position your business for success over the next 12 months.

    - Process management methodologies and approaches

    - People & change

    - Infrastructure & Systems

    - Business strategy & results

About PEX Network:

Process Excellence Network (formerly known as Six Sigma IQ) is uniquely
positioned to provide a comprehensive library of both online and face-to-face
content, including first-rate columns, articles, webinars, podcasts, video
presentations, and of course globally renown industry events. Through every
medium we strive to make your learning an exciting, dynamic, interactive

Become a Process Excellence Network member today and you'll have
continuous exposure to new and timeless tools, techniques, and technologies
to extend your performance capacity and your organization's productivity.

For more details on the 12th Annual Process Excellence Week Europe,
visit:, email:
or call +44(0)20-7368-9300

For more details on the 12th Annual Process Excellence Week Europe,
visit:, email: enquire at
or call +44(0)20-7368-9300

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