Quarter of University Graduates Still Unemployed After Three Years

By Perspective Uk, PRNE
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LONDON, November 17, 2011 -

Perspective, a leading UK provider of student tracking software, is advising the UK’s unemployed graduates to invest in further training or education to help increase their chances of finding full-time employment.

Official figures published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency underline the current difficulties facing graduates in their search for employment, with over a quarter of university graduates still without full time work three years after completing their higher education course. This has led to an increased number of graduates being forced to either work as volunteers or apply for job seekers allowance, leading to an increase in youth unemployment numbers.

The study found that students who had taken creative arts, computer science and architecture were more likely to be unemployed compared to their counterparts. The study also found 6.5 per cent of these graduates were in further study, exemplifying how more students are returning to education to help further their opportunities of finding employment.

Paul Davis, managing director of Perspective, said: “Times are currently hard for both university graduates and school leavers. With recent figures suggesting 20.2% of 18-24-year-olds are classed as ‘Neet’, this clearly illustrates the dire situation many young people in the UK find themselves in.”

“In such hard times, we recommend young people look to further their education, either through apprenticeships or training programmes, to help them stand out from their counterparts in this currently saturated jobs market where so many young people are vying for the same positions.”

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