QuestBack Merges With Social CRM Leader, Globalpark

By Questback As And Globalpark Ag, PRNE
Monday, August 1, 2011

OSLO, Norway, August 2, 2011 -

Industry leaders combine to provide global leading Enterprise Feedback Management services

Today QuestBack AS, the European industry leader in Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), announced that it has acquired and will merge with Globalpark AG, one of the leading vendors within Social CRM (SCRM). The joint company expects to exceed a turnover of EUR 40 million within its first year of operation, positioning it as the indisputable leader in the European EFM market and one of the leading global EFM providers.

Globalpark AG is the largest European provider of panel, community and corporate feedback management solutions. The company has made a successful expansion to the Social CRM space by launching one of the most innovative social media EFM platforms on the market, Social Insight Connect, which allows organisations to use Facebook to gain customer feedback and to capitalise on their investments in social media. Top industry analysts expect Social CRM to become one of the fastest growing segments within the software industry. Globalpark is recognized as a Magic Quadrant vendor by Gartner in their recently published Magic Quadrant for Social CRM.  

The merger with Globalpark extends QuestBack’s presence and expertise in the EFM market, with Globalpark’s business development focus, innovative R&D capabilities and strong management team. The integration of Globalpark means that QuestBack’s existing customers will benefit from market leading market research, social media, and Social CRM tools and services. The two companies’ product portfolios complement each other exceptionally well, and the combined company’s product offering will be the strongest in the industry.  

Ivar Kroghrud, QuestBack CEO, says, “We are very excited to welcome Globalpark to the QuestBack Group. The company’s presence in important geographical markets, as well as their industry-renowned team will significantly benefit QuestBack’s presence and positioning. A key goal is to develop our social media and Social CRM offerings. Globalpark helps us to achieve this. They also give us the powerful platform we need to go after the very high end of the market, and gives us a real competitive edge for the important US market. Globalpark is already successfully established in the US. This gives us an excellent starting point for our expansion in the US - a central part of QuestBack’s continued growth strategy.”

 Dr. Lorenz Gräf, Globalpark Group CEO and co-founder, says, “This merger is a great step for us as a company. Combining Globalpark’s technology and innovative products with QuestBack’s product portfolio, sales & marketing excellence, and large market presence will create an unbeatable combination. We look forward to deliver increasing value to our customers in addition to continued, unparalleled business growth and success.”

About Globalpark

Globalpark provides Social CRM, Panel Community and Survey software that enables organisations to manage what matters across the enterprise. By capturing feedback and tracking sentiments of customers, employees and partners via online, mobile and social channels, they gain insights that drive better business decisions. By identifying and empowering influential advocates, they build reputation and extend reach. Founded in 1999, Globalpark software is German-engineered and globally-tested by leading brands and top market research institutes, including: Continental, Daimler, General Mills, GfK, IDG, Nintendo, Sony Music, TNS and Bosch.

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