Really Simple Systems - Simple Hosted CRM - Launches DribbleMail(TM) Advanced Emailing Solution

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


- DribbleMail(TM) integrates mass-emailing functionality into Really Simple Systems’ core marketing web based CRM system enabling moderated bulk email campaigns

LONDON, September 24 /PRNewswire/ –

Really Simple Systems,, the UK’s largest provider of simple hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems today announces the availability of DribbleMail(TM) for its online CRM system, an advanced functionality mass-emailing solution that is built into its core web based CRM system.

DribbleMail(TM) enables direct mail marketers to plan and execute well-developed, high-impact, permission-based, email marketing campaigns with a steady flow of bulk emails for distribution over the course of a campaign. This effectively enables better management of mass emails and association with the simple hosted CRM system enables greater communication with prospects and existing customers alongside better reporting in the online CRM system.

B2M Solutions, mobile device management developer, is an early adopter of DribbleMail(TM). Tony Selmes, Business Development Manager at B2M Solutions, comments “The ability to trickle our email campaigns out over a longer period really enhances our email delivery. Having the mailer directly integrated into the CRM system saves us a huge amount of time and trouble as we do not need to spend time moving the data and results between the emailing system and the CRM system.”

John Paterson, CEO at Really Simple Systems, comments, “By allowing online CRM users to schedule mailings to be ‘dribbled out’ over days or weeks, rather than all at once, marketers can even out lead generation, enhance the deliverability of emails and limit the amount of emails caught in spam filters.”

Paterson continues, “In addition, by integrating the emailing function into the online CRM system, users do not have to purchase a third party emailing system and, as DribbleMail(TM) is part of Really Simple Systems simple hosted CRM Software as a Service, (SaaS), offering, it is easily accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. This ensures that campaigns are always easily monitored with the web based CRM system and all users have instant access to data as and when it is needed. With DribbleMail and online CRM businesses can enhance the efficiency and value of e-mail campaigns, increase service levels and optimise marketing spend by identifying and measuring the results.”

As an easy-to-use bulk emailing software add-on DribbleMail, integrated with Really Simple Systems online CRM, allows marketing and sales departments to better monitor all individual email campaigns, including tracking information from the initial sales lead through to the closing of a sale and beyond, enhancing customer management in the web based CRM system. Paterson concludes, “Direct contact with customers through email ensures that they are consistently informed of their options and, by regularly promoting the latest initiatives and service offerings, businesses ensure increased customer satisfaction.”

About Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems Hosted CRM is aimed at small and medium sized organisations with between 5 and 200 people who want a straightforward hosted CRM sales, marketing and support system. The hosted model is particularly suitable for companies with multiple locations and sales people who work remotely or at home. Really Simple Systems, winner of the Software Satisfaction Award 2008 Small Business Software CRM, is the largest United Kingdom provider of hosted CRM systems with offices in the UK, North America and Australia. Users include the Royal Academy of Arts, the British Library and the Department of Health as well as many small and medium sized companies.

About B2M

B2M Solutions, specialists in managing the mobile enterprise, provides the software that optimises the performance of the entire mobile infrastructure; maximising the productivity of the remote workforce and protecting the investment in a mobile estate. The modular and scalable mprodigy(R) can be incorporated at any stage of the mobile lifecycle to ensure that diverse mobile solutions are deployed and managed efficiently. It meets the needs of line of business remote users (in parcel delivery, logistics, field service, industrial and retail type environments) who require access to mission critical corporate data whilst on the move.

LONDON, September 24 /PRNewswire/ –

For further information, please contact: John Paterson Really Simple Systems Tel +44(0)1730-823300 Olivea Nixon itpr Tel +44(0)1932-578-800

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For further information, please contact: John Paterson, Really Simple Systems, Tel +44(0)1730-823300; Olivea Nixon, itpr, Tel +44(0)1932-578-800

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