Reducing Carbon Emissions by Re-using IT Hardware

By Durabilit, PRNE
Monday, April 25, 2011

AMSTERDAM, April 26, 2011 - DURABILIT BV, a leading supplier of refurbished network hardware has
developed a methodology which enables companies to get a clear insight into
how much CO2 emissions are reduced when deploying used hardware rather than
new. The DURABILIT Greener Network Calculator, was developed in cooperation
with Prof. Dr. Ir. Krikke, Supply Chain Management at the Open University,
the Netherlands.

Mathieu Sueters, managing director of DURABILIT: "Companies want more
insight into the carbon footprint of products, but struggle to quantify this.
They tend to have a limited scope in making these calculations since they
often omit the impact of the complete supply chain. Therefore we have
developed the worldwide unique DURABILIT Greener Network Calculator, a CO2
calculator which shows the amount of CO2 kg reduced by buying refurbished
switches instead of new and helps to raise awareness."

Recent research shows that a closed loop supply chain can reduce emission
by 50% compared to a traditional forward supply chain without refurbishment.
The effect on the carbon footprint of the total life cycle depends on the
type of product. For switches and routers, the total carbon emissions are
roughly evenly divided between production and usage phase. Since Green IT
currently mainly focuses on reduction of energy usage or the use of
alternative energy resources, the relative carbon emissions of the supply
chain becomes even higher. However, discussions with decision makers have
shown that this awareness seems to be lacking.

The re-use of network equipment not only enables companies to
significantly reduce their carbon footprint, but also prolongs the lifespan
of the equipment, thereby reducing waste and recycling activities. Even
though hardware such as routers and switches are ever-present in our daily
lives, their relative invisible role often makes them overlooked. DURABILIT,
based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is committed to increase the awareness
of companies of this effective and immediate way to reduce their carbon
footprint significantly. DURABILIT's initiative supports the Kyoto Protocol
and the Europe 2020 agenda.


DURABILIT is an independent company which focuses on supplying
sustainable and cost-effective IT network solutions. DURABILIT offers IT
Asset Management Services and provides network hardware such as refurbished /
used Cisco, used Juniper, used HP and other brands.

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