Reform on Controversial IR35 Legislation Recommended by Government Report

By Pulse Umbrella, PRNE
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HALE, England, March 23, 2011 - The controversial IR35 tax rules affecting contractors could be reformed
following a report on small business tax commissioned by the chancellor.

This legislation, which affects contractors, was brought in by the
previous government as a way of tackling tax avoidance and has an effect on
the take-home pay of contractors.

The report has put forward three proposals about IR35: suspend it
altogether with a view to eventual abolition, leave it in place but improve
the way it is administrated by HM Revenue and Customs or introduce a new
'business test' which would dramatically decrease the number of workers
covered by the rules.

Umbrella companies such as Pulse Umbrella (
offer you the freedom of working as a contractor without the hassle of
administration and the risk of running your own business. They deal with all
the taxation and paperwork and are fully IR35 compliant so you never risk an
unexpected tax bill.

Working out your take-home pay can be tricky but Pulse Umbrella make it
easy for you with their contractor calculator ( This shows you your net
pay and takes into account all tax, travel and subsistence expenses so you
know exactly how much your take-home pay will be.

If you're a contractor umbrella companies like Pulse Umbrella offer you a
service where you become an employee of the company and they pay you a salary,
provide you with full employment rights and help you with claiming
expenses.This offers you the freedom of being self employed without having to
deal with all the additional responsibilities that comes with it, and is an
ideal solution for many contractors.

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