Has Your Office Banned Google?

By Maris Interiors Llp, PRNE
Monday, March 21, 2011

LONDON, March 22, 2011 - Nearly three quarters of UK workplaces (74%) restrict their
employees' access to the Internet, according to a recent survey by office
design company Maris Interiors. 71% of offices surveyed have a filter for
pornographic websites, with 52% of employees unable to access social
networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook and 48% of employees unable to
access their personal email.

YouTube was blocked by 30% of employers, and news websites by
27%. 9% of offices only allow access to certain specific sites, and 4% only
allow staff to use the company's intranet - not even allowing search engines
such as Google.

Of those employees who have restrictions in their Internet
access, 30% claim they say this makes their job more difficult - and 82% say
it makes their job more boring! Only 6% of employees surveyed said that they
actually think it helps with their productivity at work.

Maris Interiors Chairman Michael Howard said, "It's a
difficult decision about blocking websites in the workplace - by doing so you
have to balance employees' productivity against their morale. At our company
we restrict access to pornographic sites - hopefully this doesn't affect
their morale too much!"


    1. Maris Interiors LLP is the UK's leading specialist in
       workplace design and creation. The company design and create world
       class working environments for occupiers throughout the UK and
       continental Europe. Their team of experts have extensive and
       in-depth knowledge of how good design can substantially improve
       business performance, save substantial amounts of money and help
       retain and attract key people.

    2. 260 people participated in the survey, conducted between
       7th - 11th March 2011.

    3. Summary of percentage of employees, by restrictions:

       1.  Any restrictions - 74%
       2.  Pornographic sites - 71%
       3.  Social networking sites - 52%
       4.  Personal email - 48%
       5.  eBay - 48%
       6.  Gaming websites - 44%
       7.  Online dating - 41%
       8.  YouTube - 30%
       9.  Specific list of allowed sites - 9%
       10. Intranet only - 4%


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