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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 8, 2011 -

- Tripomatic: All You Need for Planning a Holiday Online

The official launch of, a website aimed at helping
holidaymakers plan the perfect trip, brings to the market an entirely new
approach in holiday planning. Featuring up to date design and an easy to use
format, currently covers thirteen major destinations in Europe
and will in time offer a guide to all the major holiday destinations in the
region. The main function of is to allow the planning of a
personalised holiday itinerary that can be printed by the user.

Project Manager Petr Marcisak explained the premise behind the site:
" will especially appeal to people who prefer an active way of
spending their holidays. It helps them find interesting places and plan great
trips. It is designed for individual travellers who will be able to create
and organize their trips fast and comfortably."

The inspiration behind came from the founders' own holiday
planning experiences. Co-founder Lukas Nevosad explained: "We were planning a
round trip to Switzerland and spent long hours searching for interesting
places and route planning. We realised there was a market for a website that
simplified this time consuming chore, and the result is"

With detailed information about the locations themselves and what they
have to offer in terms of attractions, places to eat and information on the
immediate locale the website is an essential resource for anyone planning a
holiday in Europe, and with the promise of more advanced features to come
there is much to look forward to.

"Our goal is to cover all major destinations in Europe and subsequently
in the world" Petr Marcisak explained, adding "And in the following months,
we will shift our focus towards adding more advanced features for regular

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About Tripomatic is a new website that allows the planning of personalised
holidays and associated guides that can be printed out by the user. Currently
covering 13 destinations in Europe. The project was developed by a company
two bits, which has been operating international travel websites since 2008.

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