Pioneer Selects INRIX Traffic for Voice-Controlled Web Services on New Zypr Platform

By Inrix, PRNE
Monday, June 6, 2011

NOVI, Michigan, June 7, 2011 -

- Zypr Enables Intelligent Mashup of Real-Time INRIX Traffic Data with
Popular Content Services including Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Internet Radio &

Telematics Detroit - INRIX(R), the leading international provider of
traffic information and driving services, announced an agreement with
Pioneer(R) Corporation to provide both real-time and predictive traffic data
solutions for Pioneer's new, voice-controlled, integrated Web services
platform - Zypr(TM).


Accessible in the car and on mobile platforms including Apple(R) iOS(R)
and Google(R) Android(R), Zypr enables software to integrate the Web's best
location-based services and data across smartphones, tablets, consumer
electronics devices such as smart TVs and automotive telematics - all with
the power of voice control and with a single login across devices.

"INRIX's market-leading technologies, exceptional traffic information
quality and broad coverage made them the ideal Zypr partner for enabling
world-class services consumers can access seamlessly anytime, anywhere and
across any device," said Yoshio Aoyagi, General Manager, New Business
Development Division, Pioneer. "We are very excited to collaborate with INRIX
and to enable Zypr developers to create innovative apps with INRIX data."

INRIX provides developers with real-time traffic data and a set of APIs
fully optimized for the Zypr platform that are designed to accelerate the
development of a new category of voice-controlled, connected navigation
applications for the daily driver. Developers can create apps that take the
guesswork out of navigating across town or cross-country with seamless access
to current traffic conditions, traffic forecasts, the best routes,
recommended departure times and travel times for any destination.

INRIX data can also now be integrated by app developers with
Zypr-supported services, which currently include Facebook(R), Twitter(R),
Google(R), Yelp(R), Voicebox, AccuWeather(R), Slacker Radio, Tuner2 Radio,
WCities and XAD (with other services to be announced throughout 2011). The
Zypr API (demonstrated at CES 2011 as "PAIS") simplifies connectivity for
device manufacturers, allowing them to easily create mashups from multiple
information sources and giving them customization and control of the user
experience without requiring the use of an app store.

"The flexibility of the Zypr platform demonstrates the power and
versatility of INRIX traffic services for accelerating the location-based
services industry's efforts to deliver seamless experiences across devices,"
said Kush Parikh, Senior Vice President of Business Development, INRIX. "Our
traffic-powered apps and flexible APIs uniquely help companies like Pioneer
deliver services drivers can access from anywhere to help better plan their

Through a combination of continuously updated reports from millions of
GPS-enabled vehicles and insight from more than 400 public and private
sources, INRIX provides Zypr with a traffic information service to consumers
every minute, empowering them with the most accurate real-time traffic
information and traffic forecasts anytime, anywhere, on any device and with
full integration into other Zypr services.

Key benefits include:

    -- Real-time traffic maps and traffic forecasts covering all highways,
       motorways and major arterials and secondary roads across North America
       and Europe.
    -- A unique everyday application that speeds drivers' commutes giving
       them the inside track on the fastest route, best time to leave, travel
       time and ETA for frequent destinations.
    -- Traffic-influenced navigation services offering reliable real-time
       traffic information, traffic forecasts and travel times sourced from
       the largest traffic network in the world.
    -- Integration of alerts to common traffic-causing delays such as
       accidents, construction, and local events like concerts, conventions
       and major sporting events.
    -- A set of flexible APIs that accelerate product development and provide
       drivers with a consistent experience whether they're in the car, on
       their GPS smartphones, at their computer or on their TV.
    -- Ability to stay ahead of the pack by seamlessly updating and adding
       new features over time including traffic cameras, parking, road
       weather and POIs.


INRIX(R) is the leading international provider of real-time traffic
information and driver services in the car, online and on mobile devices.
With more than 130 customers and partners including Audi AG, ADAC, ALK, ANWB,
BMW, Coyote, the Ford Motor Company, I-95 Coalition, MapQuest, Microsoft,
NAVIGON, Tele Atlas, Telmap, TeleNav, Texas Transportation Institute and
Toyota, INRIX's real-time traffic and traffic forecasts help drivers save
time every day.

INRIX Traffic Services leverage sophisticated statistical analysis
techniques, originally developed by Microsoft Research, to aggregate and
enhance traffic-related information from hundreds of public and private
sources, including traditional road sensors and the company's unique network
of more than 4 million GPS-enabled vehicles and cellular devices. INRIX
delivers highly accurate real-time and historical traffic information today
for 20 countries across North America and Europe. To experience the traffic
technology revolution behind the next generation of navigation and
location-based service applications, visit

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