ThoughtWorks Studios Defines Agile ALM in New White Paper

By Thoughtworks Studios, PRNE
Monday, June 6, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, June 7, 2011 -

- Five key organizational practices make up Agile ALM

ThoughtWorks Studios (, a global
leader in enterprise Agile development products and services, today released
a new white paper - Agile ALM: Redefining ALM with Five Key Practices. The
paper outlines an entirely new and modern approach to Application Lifecycle
Management (ALM) that helps IT organizations meet increasing customer
expectations and quickly adapt to competitive pressures through the design,
development and Continuous Delivery of high quality software.

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"The impact and reach of Agile software methodologies now spans the
entire application lifecycle, making the use of traditional ALM tools and
processes counter-productive for organizations moving to a more rapid and
incremental build, test and release cycle," said Cyndi Mitchell, managing
director for ThoughtWorks Studios and co-author of the white paper. "This
paper draws on the collective experience of both ThoughtWorks and
ThoughtWorks Studios to provide five strategic building blocks IT executives
can use to bridge Agile principles into ALM."

While traditional ALM-applied tools enforce pre-defined standardized
processes, ThoughtWorks sees Agile ALM as the application of tools to support
people and the processes that best suit the way they actually work when
creating great software. The white paper outlines five key organizational
practices of Agile ALM, and describes how organizations that keep these
practices in the forefront of all software delivery activities will reap the
benefits in increased agility.

In addition to co-authors Cyndi Mitchell, Chad Wathington and Ethan Teng,
ThoughtWorks' luminaries Martin Fowler, Jim Highsmith and Jez Humble provide
an introductory overview into each of the five practices for Agile ALM:

Evolve Process Definition

Agile ALM recognizes that the most effective process for any software
initiative cannot be defined up-front; it must be continuously discovered,
evolved and refined over time.

Embrace Heterogeneity

Agile ALM embraces the fact that every software project is different.
Just as processes cannot be completely defined up-front, they also cannot be
completely standardized across all teams.

Build the Right Thing

Organizations that focus on building the right thing over managing the
lifecycle of artifacts create software that is more exciting and useful to
their end users and customers. Agile ALM embeds customers and business people
into the day-to-day activities of software teams.

Practice Continuous Delivery

Agile ALM continuously delivers a few features every couple of days or
weeks, instead of a bunch of features once a quarter. Practicing Continuous
Delivery ensures that the path to production is clear, kinks in the release
process are ironed out early and predictability becomes the norm.

Orchestrate, Don't Manage

Agile ALM calls upon company leaders and managers to become orchestrators
by making sure the work being done is aligned with business goals, removing
obstacles, fixing bad projects, understanding the portfolio, and helping to
spread best-practices across teams.

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Practices, and to see the entire ThoughtWorks Studios library of
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ThoughtWorks Studios provides Agile ALM products and training. A division
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