Revolution at Server4you: Brand-Name Hardware for Everybody

By Server4you, PRNE
Monday, February 7, 2011

HUERTH, Germany, February 8, 2011 - Hosting company Server4you revolutionizes the hosting market again. All
of their new EcoServers are now based on the latest Primergy systems from
Fujitsu and are available starting from 38.99 EUR per month. The servers are
equipped with powerful quad-core CPUs from AMD and up to 16 GB DDR3 RAM.

"With our offers we want to make modern brand-name hardware available for
everybody," explains Server4you's director Thomas Strohe. "And we don't even
charge any setup fee and do without minimum contract terms. Our customers are
supposed to stay with us because they are satisfied, not because they have
to," says Strohe.

Another important feature of the EcoServers is their low energy
consumption. They use more than 55 percent less energy than standard servers
and have an average input of only 37.2 watts. Thus they produce about 632 kg
less CO2 emissions every year. Despite of these values, however, they even
surpass comparably equipped systems regarding their performance. According to
the supplier this is due to the fact that only brand-name hardware is used.

As the EcoServers can optionally be hosted at datadock, one of the most
eco-friendly data centers in Europe, the benefit for the environment is even
larger. Datadock's total power consumption is 25 percent lower as compared to
an average data center. Therefore, almost 70 percent of the energy that a
normal server would use in an average data center is saved in total per
EcoServer at datadock.

With its remarkable price policy and the extensive range of products, the
brand Server4you decisively co-determines the hosting market. Despite of the
low prices customers may profit from first-class technology, expert support,
and an excellent connection. Server4you was the first brand to introduce
virtually dedicated cloud servers on the German market, and is operating
successfully on the international market.

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