Richardson Releases 2010 Sales Challenges Research Report

By Richardson, PRNE
Thursday, February 18, 2010

PHILADELPHIA, February 19, 2010 - Richardson (, a leading sales training and
sales performance improvement firm, today released their 2010 Sales
Challenges Research report, Lift Off: Compelling Insights to Launch Your 2010

To better understand the primary areas that a sales team should focus on
in 2010, Richardson's Research Group conducted a survey of over 15,000 sales
professionals across every major industry segment and a variety of sales
roles. Leveraging this survey data, Richardson developed a report that
highlights the most pressing issues facing sales organizations in 2010 and
provides data that helps Sales Leaders to:

    - Shape business development and sales strategy
    - Identify process improvements and align skill-development resources
    - Strategize how to best position your sales team for success

Through careful reflection of their 2009 business outcomes and in
anticipation of a more successful 2010, survey respondents provided insights
and information that was aggregated to identify areas of focus for this
upcoming year. When asked about potential challenges concerning five key
sales cycle categories — generating business, negotiations, closing
business, managing relationships, and expanding relationships — survey
respondents indicated, as a percentage basis, the following as the most
difficult in each category:

    - Business Generation -- Identifying new prospects -- 26.3% of the
    - Negotiations -- Maintaining profitability during negotiations -- 27.9%
      of the respondents
    - Closing Deals -- Positioning competing value propositions -- 32.0% of
      the respondents
    - Account Management -- Finding additional ways to add value -- 38.5% of
      the respondents
    - Expanding Relationships -- Becoming a Trusted Advisor -- 36.5% of the

Lift Off: Compelling Insights to Launch Your 2010 Strategy research
report can be leveraged by Sales Leaders to identify for their own sales
teams the one or two areas where a significant investment of time, effort,
and resources can be deployed to develop critical skills and improve crucial
processes. By addressing both skill and processes, Sales Leaders and their
teams will be better poised to deliver results in 2010.

Lift Off: Compelling Insights to Launch Your 2010 Strategy is
complimentary and can be obtained by visiting the following:

About Richardson:

Richardson ( is a global sales performance
company that helps leading organizations improve sales results. We do this in
three ways: We analyze the structure and talent of your sales force, we train
and develop your sales team, and we continue that development through
coaching and reinforcement. We equip your sales leaders and sales force with
the skills and strategies they need to win in today's complex selling
environment. What is unique about Richardson is how we create truly
customized solutions that change behavior and provide measurable results.

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