Romonet Extends Leadership in Data Center Predictive Modeling with New Prognose 2.0 Software Suite

By Romonet Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, November 30, 2011 -

Advances in predictive modeling deliver
operational and cost performance advantages

One year after introducing ground-breaking predictive modeling software for the data center, Romonet, a leading provider of predictive modeling software, is extending its market leadership position with version 2.0 of its highly acclaimed Prognose™ software suite. Romonet is also announcing three new products within the Prognose software suite: Prognose™ energy, Prognose™ economics and Prognose™ enterprise. Combined, these new capabilities provide data center designers, operators and equipment vendors with profoundly advanced insights on operational and fiscal performance impact of changes and tweaks to data center design, build and management.

Prognose 2.0 brings advanced features including the ability to simulate over a full Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) delivering even greater accuracy and climate sensitive analysis of data centers based on their actual or intended geographical location. The new Node Level Resilience (NLR) feature allows users to rapidly model the impact of control system changes reducing the risk of an unexpected behavior impacting data center availability and uptime.   In addition to new finance oriented outputs, Prognose 2.0 introduces the new Cash-flow Reporting (CFR) and charting capability; which now shows operating costs month-to-month for improved Net Present Value (NPV) comparisons and lifetime costing analysis.  

“Our clients want to operate data centers that are cost and energy optimized throughout their life cycle,” said Zahl Limbuwala, co-founder and CEO of Romonet. “For us, that means delivering world leading predictive modeling software tools that provide a clear and accurate forecasting of hour-to-hour operational performance, energy usage and total cost of operations for the entire data center facility.”  

The announcement of Prognose 2.0 also heralds the introduction of three new Prognose product family members targeted at specific usage models within the data center.

  • Prognose™ energy - optimized for users to evaluate energy efficiency and power consumption across the supply-chain of any data center environment configuration.
  • Prognose™ economics - optimized for users to evaluate capital expenditure and operational costs over the life-cycle of any data center configuration.
  • Prognose™ enterprise - optimized for users to evaluate IT equipment configurations, environmental conditions, energy consumption and capacity loading on energy efficiency and operational costs over the life-cycle of any data center.

“We needed a more accurate energy modeling tool where loads, equipment and other variables could be easily changed and meaningful evaluations made,” said Vali Sorell, Vice President and Critical Facilities Chief HVAC Engineer, Syska Hennessy Group. “In the past, it has been near impossible to access the kind of detailed planning information that I can now obtain from Prognose.”

“Spiraling energy costs, IT capacity issues and the requirement to optimize cost structures are driving the need to better understand, plan and forecast data center energy efficiency and life-time operating costs,” commented Chris Ingle, Associate Vice President, Consulting, IDC. “We see Romonet’s software suite setting new standards in the predictive modeling of data center operational performance, IT accountability and TCO.”        

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