Santander Reports that the Majority of its Offices, Branches and Remote Access Channels Are Functioning

By Banco Santander Chile, PRNE
Sunday, February 28, 2010

Regional managers of the financial institution have been authorized to grant special financing to clients who have been affected by the catastrophe

SANTIAGO, Chile, March 1, 2010 - Banco Santander indicated that most of its offices, branches and remote
access channels are functioning normally throughout the country, except in
the regions of Maule and Bio-Bio. Details concerning each one of the branches
and the entire aid plan activated by Santander can be found at:

Banco Santander also announced that it will defer the payment of fees and
dividends to its clients as of now, and has announced a special aid plan to
support victims of the earthquake.

"Our sole priority at this time is the victims of the earthquake, in
particular our clients and employees in the regions of Maule and Bio-Bio, who
have been most affected by this terrible catastrophe," said Claudio Melandri,
general manager of Banco Santander.

"We have authorized our executives, especially in the regions that have
been most affected, to provide fast and effective solutions to those who have
been hardest hit by this catastrophe," added Melandri.

Santander Chile (NYSE: SAN and BCS: Bsantander) is the largest bank in
Chile, with US$40,000 million in assets. At the close of 2009 the Bank
maintained a Basel ratio of 15.6% with a Tier I of 11.7%. Banco Santander
Chile is one of the companies with the best risk ratings in the Region, with
an A+ from Standard & Poor's and Fitch, and A1 from Moody's.


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