Shanghai Consumers Expect Bigger Chinese New Year Bonuses, Tablet Computer and Smartphone Sales to Soar

By Data Driven Marketing Asia Co. Ltd., PRNE
Sunday, January 30, 2011

SHANGHAI, January 31, 2011 - Over 90% of Shanghai residents expect a Chinese New Year bonus this year,
with over one third expecting it to be larger than last year, as found by
2011 DDMA Shanghai Consumer Sentiment Survey. By far the most popular planned
bonus check spends are mobile phones and personal computers.

"Compared with 2009, Shanghai consumers have shifted their worries from
concerns over current economic prospects and a corresponding reluctance to
spend on major purchases to confidence in their current financial situation
in 2011," said Phil C. Davis, Director at DDMA Market Research and Focus
Group China.

A third of consumers think it is a good time to buy a car - up from 20%
in 2009. Two thirds of consumers think it is a good time to buy home
appliances - up from just 27% in 2009.

Whereas only one in seven consumers think that it is now a good time to
buy an apartment, two thirds plan to use at least some of their annual bonus
to save to buy an apartment in the future. Affordability of housing remains
an extreme concern for over half of consumers.

The key survey results can be downloaded at:

About the Survey

Face-to-face and online interview were held with 404 Shanghai residents
between January 4 and 14, 2011. Ages ranged from 25 to 45 years old. The 2009
survey covered 496 respondents. Data is compared to the same survey carried
out in January 2009 with a sample of over 500 respondents. To download the
full survey, please visit:

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