Software and Process Compliancy for Financial Institutions by PWC and Transtrack

By Transtrack International, PRNE
Thursday, June 16, 2011

AMSTERDAM, June 17, 2011 -

Transtrack and PWC entered into a long-term cooperation to
strengthen controls measures within the CashWebCommunity (CWC)
software product for financial institutions.

Transtrack International assigned PWC to audit
s development processes and software for
compliancy with US standard SAS70/SSAE16 (Reporting on Controls at
a Service organization) and the similar global standard ISAE 3402.

The initial assessment is performed in
June 2011 and the outcome will be processed within the development
processes and software where applicable. For each new release of
the software a new assessment will guarantee continuous

For Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Retailers and
Cash-In-Transit businesses the reliability of the cash supply chain
processes and supporting software are a basic requirement. It is
Transtracks ambition and goal to support these organisations with
their CWC solution.  As software vendor Transtrack wants to
provide a high quality product that fits the high standards of the
financial services institutions.

“The assignment of PWC supports Transtrack to achieve a higher
quality software product in respect to compliancy demands on
controls. With this initiative Transtrack invests in her software
to support clients in reaching their compliancy standards.”, says
Wim Hutten, Partner of PWC the Netherlands.

PWC is specialized in assurance and advisory services for
financial institutions and operates in over 160 countries. In
cooperation with Transtrack PWC is able to support service
organizations in implementing and maintaining a SSAE16/ISAE3402
compliant process and services with CWC software.

Transtrack is market leader in the field of software solutions
that address the control and management of all processes within the
cash supply chain. “Our clients require compliant systems and
processes and our guarantee the cash is securely and professionally
managed by the software,” said Ronald van Vliet, Managing Director
of Transtrack. “Our development of these types of innovations and
compliancy processes is aimed at improving the quality and
efficiency of the cash supply chain.”

The CWC software enables Banks and Cash businesses to operate a
web enabled cash management solution that allows for effective
outsourcing of cash services and improving the supply chain
cooperation aiming at lower costs and higher quality of control and


For more information: Transtrack International, Ronald van Vliet, T: +31(0)20-888-4722, E: info at; PWC, Wim Hutten, T: +31(0)88-8792-46-65, E: wim.hutten at

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