Still Time for Half Term Stay for Free Holiday With 6,000 French Home Exchange Properties

Monday, May 9, 2011

LONDON, May 10, 2011 - There's still time to make the most of the May half term holiday with
over 6,000 stay for free French home exchange properties to choose from. Plus
with hundreds of French home exchangers looking to visit the UK and France
within easy reach, a home exchange provides an ideal way to stay for free
while taking a half term holiday or short weekend break.

"France always has a good variety of homes available in whatever region,"
says HomeExchange member Sula. "Our first exchange was to Valbonne in the
South of France, a fantastic property. We looked after their dog during the
exchange and provided a large amount of tourist information, left membership
cards in the house for various museums and galleries, and organised tickets
for various attractions for them in advance. For both families it was a great
success and we still stay in touch."

From 2009 to 2010 UK HomeExchange members increased by almost 50% as more
people discover the benefits of home exchange - no hotel bills, the
spaciousness and privacy of a home, and the ability to experience any
destination like a local. Home exchange means that except for getting there a
holiday nearly anywhere in the world doesn't have to cost any more than
staying at home.

"Their property was on the edge of a stunning village in the South of
France with a huge pool and was much larger than our terrace house in west
London," says Sula. "The two properties did not really compare, but they
wanted a city type holiday with lots to do, we wanted a relaxed holiday with
a bit of sun and sightseeing - their property was perfect for that." offers more French home exchange property
listings than any other home exchange club with over 6,300 listings to choose
from, with many in popular destinations including over 400 in Brittany. With
hundreds of French members requesting to exchange specifically within the UK,
the destination opportunities are endless.

Unlimited exchanges can be taken with no additional per day or per
exchange charges of any kind for only GBP5.95 a month. is
the global leader in home exchange with a UK version of the website at

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