Swegon Makes Major Investments

By Swegon Ab, PRNE
Monday, October 31, 2011

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, November 1, 2011 -

Swegon AB, wholly owned subsidiary of Investment AB Latour, is investing significantly in its production facilities. The factory in Kvänum inaugurated a brand-new Salvagnini punch and cutting production line end of October.

Swegon invested 30 Million SEK (approximately 3.2 Million Euro) in a new production line to be able to meet the increased demand for air handling units ‘made in Sweden‘. The investment was made in a newly built extension of the production plant. Salvagnini, for over 40 years, state-of-the-art in sheet metal processing and flexible automation, delivers the entire equipment, inter alia a high-tech punch and cutting machine, an extremely efficient panel bending machine and a cutting-edge handling robot. The factory in Kvänum, one of Swegon’s five production plants, is already equipped with two production lines of the same brand.

“Based on a five day week with three shifts, the newly inaugurated machine increases the production capacity from round 7,000 to a total of 10,500 air handling units per year, an increase of 50%”, explains Tobias Bohlin Vice COO of Swegon and adds: “The extension in Kvänum is one of three major investments in the production facilities during 2011″. The factory in St Karins in Finland, which is producing all components for residential ventilation, and the factory in Arvika, Sweden, also inaugurated an entirely new production line. At the Arvika-plant Swegon is producing its renowned and bestselling waterborne climate beams and comfort modules.

“2011 has been a really good year for Swegon and we feel the demand for high-quality ventilation equipment increasing everywhere. Being leading in product development and innovation demands to be leading in high-tech and industrialized production as well. We are going to continuously invest in our production facilities to underline our top position”, states Tobias Bohlin.

Please find a picture of Tobias Bohlin, Vice COO of Swegon AB, for publication: dl.dropbox.com/u/39700626/Swegon_MajorInvest_Nov2011/Tobias_Bohlin_Vice-COO_Swegon.jpg

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