Takeda to Acquire Nycomed

By Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, PRNE
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Transaction will Transform Takeda's Global Business

OSAKA, Japan, and ZURICH, May 19, 2011 - Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited ("Takeda", TSE: 4502) and Nycomed
A/S ("Nycomed") jointly announced today that Takeda has reached an agreement
with the shareholders of Nycomed in which Takeda will acquire the
Zurich-headquartered company for 9.6 billion Euro on a cash-free, debt-free
basis. The boards of directors of each company unanimously approved the
transaction which is expected to be completed within 90 to 120 days, making
it a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda, subject to antitrust clearance. The
purchase would exclude Nycomed's U.S. dermatology business.

The sellers are comprised of a consortium of private equity funds led by
Nordic Capital Funds V and VI ("Nordic Capital"), including, DLJ Merchant
Banking Partners (a Credit Suisse affiliate), Coller International Partners
IV and V, and Avista Capital Partners.

This transformational transaction is a strategic fit with Takeda's
sustainable growth strategy as it was outlined in its 2011-2013 Mid-Range
Plan. Takeda has its strong presence in the Japanese and U.S. markets, while
Nycomed has a significant business infrastructure in Europe and high-growth
emerging markets that will enhance Takeda's regulatory development expertise
and commercialization capability. The acquisition includes the roflumilast
franchise (Daxas(R); trade name in Europe), a first-in-class treatment for
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is expected to be a major
source of revenue growth for Takeda. In addition, the acquisition will bring
Takeda an immediate and stable increase in cash flow with Nycomed's more than
2.8 billion Euro in annual revenue, excluding the U.S. Dermatology business.

"Takeda is committed to transforming our organization through the
acquisition of Nycomed. Nycomed enables Takeda to maximize the value of our
portfolio and gives us an immediate strong presence in the high-growth
emerging markets while doubling Takeda's European sales," said Yasuchika
, President & CEO of Takeda. "Nycomed's strength in a geographically
wide range of markets and its diverse talent base will be a strong driver to
helping us realize our important mission of striving toward better health for
patients worldwide through leading innovation in medicine."

Nycomed, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a privately-owned
pharmaceutical company with strong presence in Europe and emerging markets.
Nycomed's diversified product portfolio includes both established
prescription pharmaceutical products as a primary revenue driver, and over
the counter (OTC) products. It has a strong European commercial network and
is aggressively growing in emerging markets which account for more than 50
percent of global pharmaceutical growth. Its key success factors include the
utilization of its broad product range and the application of
commercialization and development strategies that fit with the market
environment and medical needs in each individual country and region.

"The combination of Takeda's successful track record of innovation with
Nycomed's efficient commercialization and manufacturing infrastructure will
create a global player with a phenomenal ability to bring medicines to
patients and healthcare providers around the world," said Hakan Bjorklund,
Chief Executive Officer of Nycomed.

Through the addition of Nycomed's remarkable entrepreneurial corporate
culture to Takeda's corporate culture, nurtured for more than two centuries,
Takeda is aiming to become a truly global pharmaceutical company with a
diversified talent base capable of conducting global business effectively.

Since being acquired by Nordic Capital along with co-investors in 2005,
Nycomed has followed an aggressive growth strategy that has propelled the
company to an international player with a broad and strong market presence.

"The investment in Nycomed has outperformed even the highest
expectations. We are proud to have contributed to Nycomed's development into
a world-class pharmaceutical company with a strong market position and
product pipeline. I feel confident that Takeda will be able to further build
upon Nycomed's potential and create an even stronger company with a global
market presence," said Kristoffer Melinder, Managing Partner of NC Advisory
AB, advisor to the Nordic Capital funds.

    1. Expected benefits

        - Strong fit with Takeda's sustainable growth strategy
            - Strengthens pan-European platform
            - Leverages Nycomed's emerging markets strength to drive growth
            - Allows Takeda to maximize the value of its portfolio
              supported by enhanced development expertise and
              commercialization capability in Europe and emerging markets
            - Provides a significant growth driver with roflumilast
              (Daxas(R) tradename in Europe)

        - Immediate financial contribution(*)
            - More than 30% increase of annual revenue
            - More than 40% increase of operating income (excluding special
              factors derived from business acquisition)
            - More than 30% increase of EPS (excluding special factors
              derived from business acquisition)

    (*) Comparison with the original outlook of fiscal 2013 in 2011-2013
        Mid-Range Plan, announced on May 11, 2011

        - Complementary cultures and diverse talent pool
    2. Acquisition summary

        (1) Acquiring company: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

        (2) Shareholders of Nycomed include Nordic Capital Funds V and
            VI, DLJ Merchant Banking Partners (a Credit Suisse affiliate),
            CollerInternational Partners IV and V, and Avista Capital
            Partners, Nycomed's management and employees team 

        (3) Number of outstanding shares: 13,778,110 shares (as of
            December 31, 2010)

        (4) Payment: Cash (Takeda will finance part of the transaction
            through a loan for about 600 to 700 billion yen)

        (5) Acquisition amount: 9.6 billion Euro inclusive of the
            Nycomed's net debt
            (Fairness opinions from both Deutsche Securities Inc. and
            Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. have been obtained.)

        (6) Planned date of completion: End of September 2011

    Note: Shares of Nycomed US Inc., which focuses on specialty
          pharmaceuticals in dermatology, are excluded from the share
          purchase agreement.
    3. About Nycomed

         (1) Corporate name: Nycomed A/S

         (2) Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

         (3) Representative: Hakan Bjorklund (CEO)

         (4) Established: 2005 (Operation started in 1874)

         (5) Capital stock: 98,836 Euro

         (6) Shares: non-listed ordinary shares

         (7) Fiscal year: End of December

         (8) No. of employees: approximately 12,500 (including Nycomed

         (9) Relationship with Takeda: no matters to report regarding
             capital, personal and transactional relationship with Takeda

        (10) Financial performance of the Nycomed Group for the recent
             two years including Nycomed U.S. (unit: million Euro)
                                Fiscal year     Fiscal year
                                   2010            2009

      Net turnover               3,170.6         3,228.0
      Gross profit Margin        2,181.7         2,332.7
      Operating profit             -44.2           288.0
      Net profit                  -229.1           232.7
      EBITDA after
      adjustment(*)                850.5         1,074.6
      Total assets                 7,477           7,886
      ------------                 -----           -----
      Net assets                   1,491           1,539
      ----------                   -----           -----

    (*) After adjustment of the difference such as those derived from
        evaluation of inventories in accordance with "Accounting Standard for
        Business Combinations"
        EBITDA: earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and

Takeda will announce the financial impact which this transaction will
have on its consolidated financial statements of its fiscal year 2011
together with the revised financial outlook of the year.

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About Takeda

Located in Osaka, Japan, Takeda is a research-based global company with
its main focus on pharmaceuticals. As the largest pharmaceutical company in
Japan and one of the global leaders of the industry, Takeda is committed to
strive towards better health for patients worldwide through leading
innovation in medicine. Additional information about Takeda is available
through its corporate website, www.Takeda.com.

About Nycomed

Nycomed is a privately owned global pharmaceutical company with a
diversified portfolio focused on branded medicines in gastroenterology,
respiratory and inflammatory diseases, pain, osteoporosis and tissue
management. A range of OTC products completes the portfolio. Its R&D is
structured around collaborations. In-licensing and expanding in emerging
markets are cornerstones of the company's growth strategy. Nycomed employs
12,500 associates worldwide, and its products are sold in more than 100
countries. It has strong platforms in Europe and in fast-growing markets such
as Russia/CIS, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. In the US and Japan
its products are available through best in class partners. Headquartered in
Zurich, Switzerland, the company generated total sales of euro 3.2 billion in
2010 and an adjusted EBITDA of EUR851 million. Additional information about
Nycomed is available through its corporate website, www.nycomed.com.

About Nordic Capital Private Equity Funds

Since the start in 1989, Nordic Capital Private Equity Funds have
invested in large and medium sized companies, primarily in Northern Europe.
Through committed ownership and by targeting strategic development and
operational improvements, Nordic Capital creates value in its investments.
The funds invest in companies in Northern Europe and in selected investment
opportunities internationally. They are based in Jersey, Channel Islands, and
are advised by the NC Advisory companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway,
Germany and the UK. Additional information about Nordic Capital is available
through its corporate website, www.nordiccapital.com

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About Coller International Partners Capital

Coller Capital - the global leader in Private Equity Secondaries - has
invested in Nycomed through its funds Coller International Partners IV and V.


Deutsche Bank is acting as financial advisor to Takeda in this
acquisition. Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse acted as financial advisors to

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