Tata Elxsi Celebrates ‘World Industrial Design Day’With the Launch of connect D

By Tata Elxsi Ltd., PRNE
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BANGALORE, India, June 30, 2011 -


Tata Elxsi, India’s leading design company celebrated World
Industrial Design Day 2011 (WIDD)
on Wednesday, June 29, with
the launch of connect D, an annual
event that endeavors to create a platform to engage with future
designers. It was held at the Tata Elxsi headquarters in its design
studio, Bangalore. The event this year focused on the global theme
Industrial Design: How does it improve your

connect D aims to strengthen the relations between industry and
academia by creating  a platform for design students to engage
with industry experts. This platform will give the students an
exposure to the real-life challenges faced by the design industry
and how to prepare themselves for a career in design. It also
offers design firms like Tata Elxsi a fresh perspective on design
through new ideas and approaches that will help them to meet the
demands of today’s consumers.  connect D intends to encourage
the transfer of knowledge and expertise, and enhance the relevance
of design techniques to the budding designers of tomorrow.

Students from leading design schools including NID, NIFT, IISC,
Raffles design and NTFF participated in the event. The event
featured interactive sessions by eminent speakerswho shared their
insights and experiences about how industrial design can
significantly improve consumers’ lives.

Mr. Anil Sondur - VP, Tata Elxsi said,
Industrial design as a career has gained prominence in
the recent times.
Tata Elxsi being at the forefront of
design in
India believes in connecting with new
talent that is always challenging the norms and pushing the
for design & innovation. Through
connect D we look forward to interact extensively with
the student community. As part of these efforts, we have announced
two scholarships one for Industrial design and the other for Visual
design. These would be
conferred to design students
from premier design schools across the country.

A design contest was also arranged for design students where
they had to come up with distinctive packaging concepts. The
participants were at their creative best and displayed in full
vigor their innovation skills in product design. The ability to
justify design decisions, close alignment of the concept as per the
design brief and final quality of design deliverables was some of
the parameters to choose the final winners. The first and the
second prize were won by the teams from NID respectively.

Speaking on this occasion Prof. Amaresh
, IISC Bangaloresaid, “connect D is
a great initiative launched by Tata Elxsi
indeed a good channel for students to
interact with the industry
experts. It was a
pleasure to be a part of this event and I wish more

initiatives like these are taken up
the industry and Tata Elxsifor international and
Indian markets to further strengthen the industry academic
relations in the coming years

The event also included exclusive exhibit and demonstrations of
designs for the Indian as well as the international markets, which
enabled the students to interact with the Tata Elxsi senior design
team and understand the design nuances and considerations

About World Industrial Design Day

Industrial Design Day is an international day of observance in
recognition of the profession of industrial design. It is a new
global initiative which aims to provide professional industrial
designers and design enthusiasts with an opportunity to promote a
global understanding of design and all that it encompasses.

Started by The International Council of Societies of Industrial
Designers (ICSID) which was formally founded on June 29, href="en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1957">1957, World Industrial
Design Day was first href="www.icsid.org/media/releases/articles227.htm">declared
on June 29, 2007 on the occasion of ICSID’s 50th anniversary.

About Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi is a design company that blends technology,
creativity and engineering to help customers transform ideas into
world-class products and solutions.

The Industrial Design division of Tata Elxsi helps customers
develop winning brands and products by using design as a strategic
tool for business success. Its expertise extends across consumer
insight, branding, industrial design, visual design &
merchandising, design engineering and manufacturing support.

An in-depth understanding of consumers and rapidly changing
market dynamics, backed by a multi-disciplinary design team,
enables it to service a broad spectrum of industries. This includes
Automotive, Communications, Consumer products, Healthcare and

It has supported the launch of multiple brands and products
across the world. It has won several international awards and
patents for design and innovation.

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