SDR Technologies: SES Mr Henry Muller from the US Army to Address Software Advancements and Communication Optimisation

By Defence Iq And Iqpc International, PRNE
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LONDON, June 30, 2011 -


Henry Mu
, Director Space and Terrestrial
Communications Directorate, US Army CERDEC, will be
addressing how to advance SDR technologies to ensure networked
warfighter dominance at the href="">Software
Defined Radio
Europe conference, October 26th-28th 2011, at the
Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The implementation of advanced software radios is vital to
optimise communication within the US Army, as well as within other
SDR countries’ forces. As the keynote speaker, Muller will offer a
roadmap for existing and future technologies while recognising the
complexity of implementing waveforms that is yet to be fully

Muller will provide feedback on how to enable SDR as a
modernised technology by tackling href="">spectrum
allocation challenges. He will also address developments of the
international SDR laboratory where radios are being designed
to improve interoperability for tactical data links, theoretically
becoming capable of operating all data links controlled and
configured by software.

Muller will be accompanied by other experts such as Major
General Sander Schnitger
, Director DOBBP, C4I & NEC,
Netherlands MoD, who will also discuss SDR technology
development, but especially focus on procurement in the Netherlands

Additional href="">speakers to
review new technologies include:

  • Mr. Frederic Bouyer, CONTACT Programme Manager, DGA,
    French Ministry of Defence, speaking on  the future for
    TDL waveforms on SDR platforms
  • Dr. Michael Street, Senior Scientist Tactical
    Communications, NATO NC3A, targeting cognitive SDR through
    interoperable tactical radio for multi-national operations
  • Tiberius Tomoiaga, Project Manager RIFS, Romanian
    Ministry of Defence
    , leading a session on tactical
    communications requirements for the Romanian infantry fighting
  • Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Zammariello, Principal Officer
    SDR, European Defence Agency, discussing SDR standardisation
    approaches for the commercial, public safety and military

Session details are available on the event website at href="">,
and the programme is href="">available
for download. In addition, visitors can access the href="">Media Centre
for the latest SDR news and developments.

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