APEC Low Carbon Model City Forum Held in Tianjin, China

By Tianjin Yujiapu Financial District, PRNE
Sunday, June 26, 2011

TIANJIN, China, June 27, 2011 -

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In November 2010, Chinese president Hu Jintao attended an
informal APEC leaders summit in the Japanese city of Yokohama
during which he suggested to “increase cooperation in the low
carbon model town project as well as promote a greater cooperation
in the domains of energy saving and emissions reduction”. Following
President Hu’s speech, China’s National Energy Board and Tianjin’s
Development and Reform Committee co-organized this forum. Topics
discussed include the concept and method of low carbon cities,
their energy strategies, low carbon technologies and financing as
well as government low carbon policies.

During the forum, Yujiapu Financial District was presented with
a commemorative plaque of “First APEC Low Carbon Model Town” by the
project’s work group representatives. APEC member countries’
officials, experts and scholars awarded this title to Yujiapu
Financial District after conducting a series of studies on its
feasability and the respect of the low carbon model town concept.
The City of Tianjin also signed a strategic cooperation agreement
for the development of low carbon model towns with Japan and
China’s Shanxi Province, and established a low carbon industrial

China’s National Energy Board Deputy Secretary Qian Zhimin
attended the forum. In his keynote speech, he outlined the “great
efforts made to develop low carbon energy and the joint work
accomplished in building better cities”. He introduced the process
of building low carbon cities in China and the work done in
reducing environmental pollution. Mister Qian pledged to develop
low carbon energy sources, promote low carbon urban development and
low carbon consumption patterns and lifestyles through
international exchanges and cooperations. Tianjin Deputy Mayor Yang
Dongliang said that his city would follow the APEC Low Carbon Town
project’s concept to create an environmentally friendly, low
carbon, green livable city. During the forum, APEC’s experts and
scholars had in-depth talks on the problems of low carbon model
towns’ energy strategy, planning and technologies among others.

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