Terrible Treats: Britons Spend £20 a Week on Unhealthy Snacks

By Fruitdrop, PRNE
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LONDON, August 4, 2011 -

With a multitude of fatty snacks out there to choose from, it’s hardly surprising that we give in to temptation occasionally. However a recent survey by Fruitdrop, the fruit delivery specialist, discovered that 89% of UK employees spend £20 each working week on unhealthy treats -that’s £4 each working day!  

Even more shocking, it was revealed that almost 10% of the British public spends up to £35 on sugary food and drinks on a weekly basis or nearly £2,000 per year, that’s a whopping £7 each working day!

The British public is becoming more aware that a diet rich in unhealthy food can cause various health problems including diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.[1] However, research also suggests that diets high in fat may also impair essential brain functions like concentration and memory, as well as causing fatigue. This can be real problem for employers who need their workforce supporting their business in this difficult economic time.

With sick days costing the UK economy up to £17 billion a year and employees taking, on average, 6.4 days off per year[2], our health has never been so crucial. We don’t suggest the Great British public should give up on their treats, but having varied choices is important.

UK employers can help take away the temptation of sugary snacks. One of the fruit delivery specialist, Fruitdrop’s fruit boxes contains approximately 50 pieces of fruit, costs £20 and can satisfy the snack temptation of up to 25 employees - at a mere 80p per employee per week! A cost effective way to offer employees a healthier choice at snack time.

Notes to editors:

  • Survey conducted by OnePoll
  • For more information please visit www.fruitdrop.co.uk
  • The survey question put to 1000 individuals was ‘How much money do you usually spend on unhealthy snacks each day’ with the options of: ‘Up to £3′, ‘£3-£5′ and ‘£5 and over’.

About Fruitdrop

Fruitdrop was established in early 2007 to help businesses to be more fruitful. In 2005 Ben, the owner of Fruitdrop moved from the UK to Australia. Working at a bank in Sydney who provided fruit to their employees on a daily basis he saw first-hand how workplace fruit benefits both employee and employer. Returning to London he set up Fruitdrop which has continued to grow ever since, now with over forty employees, twenty-four vans and selling well in excess of one million bananas per year.


1. www.livestrong.com/article/17809-obesity-cause-heart-disease/

2. www.moneyavenue.co.uk/news/executives-appointments-jobs-vacancies-careers-recruitment-part-time-employment/recession-clamps-down-on-employee-sick-days.html

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