TESCAN Introduces the First Plasma FIB-FESEM Workstation

By Tescan, PRNE
Saturday, October 1, 2011

BRNO, Czech Republic, October 3, 2011 -

TESCAN, a world leading manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam workstations has introduced the FERA3 XMH - a high resolution Schottky Field Emission scanning electron microscope with a fully integrated Plasma source focused ion beam. The system has been developed in co-operation with the French company Orsay Physics.  

In addition to electron and ion columns, the FERA3 XMH Plasma FIB-FESEM can be configured with gas injection systems, nano- manipulators, and a wide variety of detectors including SE detector, BSE detector, SI (Secondary Ion) detector, CL (Cathodoluminescence) detector, EDX, and EBSD microanalyzers, etc.

The use of a Xenon plasma source for the focused ion beam allows the FERA3 to satisfy high resolution FIB requirements (imaging, fine milling/polishing), as well as achieving high ion currents needed for ultra-fast material removal rates. The resolution of the plasma ion beam is <100 nm and the maximum Xe ion current is  > 1 µA. Compared to existing FIB technologies with gallium sources, the material removal rate achievable for silicon with the PFIB (Plasma FIB) is over 30x faster. For this reason the FERA 3 XMH is well suited for applications requiring the removal of large volumes of material, particularly in the semiconductor packaging corridor where TSV technology is being utilized.

TESCAN will deliver the first system to the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) in Canada this year. The system will be used for the inspection of integrated circuit (IC) packaging.

The FERA 3 FIB-SEM workstations integration of both an electron and focused ion beam places this tool in a class all its own, affording the end user the benefits of electron beam analysis and characterization. Generally, systems of this kind will be used for circuit edit, 3D metrology, defect analysis and failure analysis.

TESCAN is a leading provider of scientific instrumentation and is well known for its innovation and openness to work with researchers, customizing applications to fit specific needs. Established in 1991, TESCAN is an ISO certified company with a long tradition of excellence. Over 1000 TESCAN Electron Microscopes and Focused Ion Beam workstations have been delivered around the world.


The MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) is an original partnership between Université de Sherbrooke, Teledyne DALSA Inc. and IBM Canada Ltd, Bromont Plant. The C2MI will be an international pioneer in packaging the next generation of microchips and designing packages for future generations of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Together, these founding partners have created an ecosystem which will facilitate recruiting other industrial and academic partners. Visit www.c2mi.ca.

Contact: Jeff Streger
Vice President, TESCAN USA
Tel: +1-724-772-7433
E-mail: Info@tescan-usa.com


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