‘The Clinical Trials Market Will Exceed $30BN by 2015′ says visiongain Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Monday, July 4, 2011

LONDON, July 5, 2011 -


A new report by London-based business information company
visiongain predicts that world pharma clinical trial services
revenues will reach $32.73bn in 2015. Revenues for those companies
(CROs) totalled $21.69bn in 2010, according to Pharma Clinical
Trial Services: World Market 2011-2021
, published in July

Leading pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly seeking to
outsource all stages of the drug development process. The main
drivers for CRO revenue growth are the cost advantages of
outsourcing and the regional and therapeutic expertise of research
service providers. Off-shoring clinical trials to emerging markets,
particularly India and China, will create revenue growth for global
CROs. Indian and Chinese markets will grow with CAGRs over 20%,
visiongain’s market analysis shows.

Richard Lang, pharmaceutical industry analyst, said: “Strong
therapeutic experience and significant cost savings are driving Big
Pharma to outsource drug development to CROs. Full service CROs
will further benefit from multi-billion dollar strategic alliances
during this decade. Niche market players will benefit from the
increased demand for specialised clinical trial services,
particularly in cancer and CNS disorders.”

Demand for late-stage development services has outgrown that for
early-stage services in recent years. Pharma and biotech companies
are increasingly focusing on near-registration projects to combat
the impending patent cliff. Continued late-stage service demand
will drive market growth from 2011 to 2015. Strategic alliances
across full development programmes will secure long-term revenues
for CROs.

Visiongain forecasts that the overall pharma clinical trial
services market will grow rapidly to 2021. The future of the pharma
clinical trial services market appears strong through increasing
demand from many therapeutic areas, the report concludes. This new
study complements visiongain’s wide range of analytical reports in
healthcare and other industry areas.  

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    Table of Contents
    Executive Summary
    1.1 Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Services Market Review
    1.2 Chapter Breakdown
    1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

    2. Clinical Trials and Clinical Trial Services: An Introduction
    2.1 A Brief History of Clinical Trials
    2.1.1 The Nuremburg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki
    2.1.2 Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS)
    2.1.3 Good Clinical Practice
    2.2 Phases of Clinical Trials
    2.2.1 Phase I Trials: First-in-Human Studies
    2.2.2 Efficacy Analysis in Phase II Trials
    2.2.3 Phase III Trials
    2.2.4 Phase IV Trials: Post-Marketing Surveillance
    2.3 Key Elements of Clinical Trial Design
    2.4 Clinical Research Outsourcing

    3. The Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Services Market 2011-2021
    3.1 The Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Services Market in 2010
    3.1.1 Market Value by Sponsor Type 2010
    3.1.2 A New Pharma R&D Model? Advantages in Outsourcing to CROs
    3.2 Pharma Clinical Trial Services Market Forecast 2011-2021
    3.2.1 Slow Market Growth 2010-2011
    3.2.2 Clinical Trial Services Market 2010-2016
    3.2.3 Clinical Trial Services Market 2017-2021
    3.3 Early Stage Services Market 2011-2021
    3.4 Late Stage Services Market 2011-2021

    4. Key Therapeutic Areas in the Clinical Trial Services Market 2011-2021
    4.1 Selected Niche CROs Operating in the Market 2011
    4.1.1 Specialist Oncology CROs Medelis Nexus Oncology: Experience in Over 350 Trials Theradex: Partner to the National Cancer Institute
    4.1.2 Selected CNS CROs Cogtest: Data Capture and Cognitive Assessment Comprehensive NeuroScience (CNS) Neuroimage: CNS Imaging Specialist
    4.1.3 Niche Infectious Disease CROs TransPharm Preclinical Solutions
    4.1.4 Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Specialist Service Providers Global Research Services Integrium Java Clinical Research
    4.2 Oncology Clinical Trial Services: Market Trends 2011-2021
    4.2.1 Cancer Biomarkers in Diagnosis, Treatment and Clinical Trials
    4.2.2 Patient Recruitment and Cancer Clinical Trials
    4.3 CNS Clinical Trial Services: Market Trends 2011-2021
    4.3.1 Improving CNS Trial Design
    4.3.2 Neuroimaging in CNS Drug Development
    4.4 Infectious Disease Clinical Trials Services: Market Trends 2011-2021
    4.4.1 Infectious Diseases and Seasonality
    4.4.2 Non-Inferiority Clinical Trials
    4.5 Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Trials Services: Market Trends
    4.5.1 Cardiovascular Diseases and Imaging
    4.6 Metabolic Disease Clinical Trial Services: Market Trends 2011-2021
    4.6.1 Avandia (Rosiglitazone) and Cardiovascular Safety in Diabetes

    5. Market-Leading CROs 2011-2021
    5.1 Quintiles: The World's Leading CRO
    5.1.1 Quintile's Risk Sharing and Strategic Alliances
    5.1.2 Theranostics, Biomarkers and Quintile's Other Future Strategies
    5.2 Covance
    5.2.1 Revenue Analysis 2008-2010
    5.2.2 Refocusing Early-Stage Efforts
    5.2.3 Strategic Alliance Experience
    5.3 PPD
    5.3.1 Revenue Analysis 2009-2010
    5.3.2 Strategic Alliances
    5.3.3 Expansion in Asia
    5.3.4 PPD's Other Growth Targets
    5.4 Charles River Laboratories
    5.4.1 Revenue Analysis 2006-2010
    5.4.2 Early Stage Restructuring
    5.4.3 Expanding Model Distribution
    5.5 Parexel International
    5.5.1 Revenue Analysis 2009-2010
    5.5.2 Recent Developments and Future Directions
    5.6 ICON
    5.6.1 Revenue Analysis 2008-2010
    5.6.2 ICON in China
    5.6.3 ICON and Proteome Sciences: Increased Biomarker Services
    5.7 Kendle
    5.7.1 Revenue Analysis 2009-2010
    5.7.2 Asian Expansion and Other Recent Developments
    5.8 WuXi PharmaTech
    5.8.1 Revenue Analysis 2006-2010
    5.8.2 WuXi's Strategic Partnerships and Other Recent Developments
    5.8.3 Failed Acquisition by Charles River Laboratories
    5.9 CMIC
    5.9.1 Revenue Analysis 2009-2010
    5.9.2 CMIC in China
    5.10 INC Research
    5.10.1 INC's Global Expansion
    5.10.2 INC Acquires Kendle
    5.11 PRA International
    5.11.1 PRA in the CEE, the Middle East and Latin America
    5.12 Chiltern International
    5.12.1 Chiltern Expands into Brazil and Asia
    5.13 InVentiv Health: From Medium to Large CRO in Two Acquisitions
    5.13.1 InVentiv Acquires i3 Research
    5.13.2 InVentiv Acquires PharmaNet Development Group
    5.14 ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services
    5.14.1 Private Equity Investment in the CRO Market
    5.15 Omnicare Clinical Research
    5.16 Clinipace Worldwide
    5.17 Veeda Clinical Research
    5.18 Aptiv Solutions

    6. Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Services Market: Trends 2011-2021
    6.1 SWOT Analysis of the Market 2011-2021
    6.1.1 New Trial Demands and Designs Slow but Rising Use of Adaptive Trial Designs Comparative Effectiveness Research
    6.1.2 Increased Demand for Biosimilars The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010 Biosimilars and CROs
    6.1.3 Increased CRO Consolidation and Niche CROs
    6.1.4 Clinical Trial Globalisation
    6.2 STEP Analysis of the Market 2011-2021
    6.2.1 Social Factors Patient Recruitment and Retention Ethical Concerns in Off-Shoring Clinical Trials
    6.2.2 Technological Developments Biomarkers as a Tool for Drug Development Electronic Data Capture, Storage and Sharing
    6.2.3 Economic Pressures Cutting Back Pharma R&D The Growth in Strategic Partnering
    6.2.4 Political Issues Increasing Pharmacovigilance Demands Clearer Clinical Trial Regulatory Procedures

    7. Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Services: Leading National Markets
    7.1 Regional Market Breakdown, 2010
    7.2 The US Market 2011-2021
    7.3 Leading Western European Markets
    7.3.1 Trial Costs Are High in Germany
    7.3.2 The UK
    7.3.3 France: Fast Trial Approvals
    7.3.4 Italy
    7.3.5 Spain
    7.4 Japan: The Drug Lag and CROs
    7.4.1 The Japanese Market 2011-2021
    7.5 BRIC Nations and Other Emerging Markets 2011-2021
    7.5.1 The Brazilian Market 2011-2021
    7.5.2 The Russian Market 2011-2021
    7.5.3 India The Indian Market 2011-2021
    7.5.4 China Novartis Bucks the Trend in Chinese R&D Benefits and Challenges to Conducting Trials in China The Chinese Market 2011-2021
    7.5.5 CEE as an Alternative to Western Europe
    7.6 Changing Regional Market Shares 2011-2021

    8. Opinions from Our Research Interviews
    8.1 Dr Jörg Täubel, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Richmond
    8.1.1 Richmond Pharmacology
    8.1.2 The Challenge of Patient Recruitment
    8.1.3 The Advantages of Niche CROs
    8.1.4 Increased Use of Bridging Studies
    8.1.5 Technological Advances in Early Phase Clinical Trials
    8.2 Dr Amir Kalali, Vice President, Medical and Scientific Services and
        Global Therapeutic, Group Leader, CNS at Quintiles
    8.2.1 Challenges in Neuroimaging Biomarkers
    8.2.2 Placebo Problems in CNS Clinical Trials
    8.2.3 CROs and CNS Clinical Trials
    8.2.4 The Myth Surrounding Failure Rate in CNS R&D
    8.2.5 Big Pharma and CNS R&D
    8.2.6 Clinical Trial Globalisation
    8.2.7 Challenges in CNS Clinical Trials
    8.3 Dr Fabio Thiers, Director, Global Clinical Trials Research Program,
    8.3.1 The Future of Clinical Trial Outsourcing
    8.3.2 Outsourcing Opportunities by Phase of Development
    8.3.3 Outsourcing Opportunities by Therapeutic Area
    8.3.4 CRO Market Consolidation

    9. Conclusions
    9.1 There Will Be Greater Demand for Clinical Trial Outsourcing
    9.2 Off-Shoring Clinical Trials Will Become Increasingly Popular
    9.3 Oncology and CNS: Key Indications for Research
    9.4 The Drive Towards Faster and More-Proactive Clinical Trials
    9.5 Strategic Partnering as a Business Model for the CRO Industry
    9.5.1 Niche CROs Will Survive

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