This World AIDS Day London M.A.C Cosmetics Artists Focus on Inner Beauty

By M.a.c Cosmetics, PRNE
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LONDON, December 1, 2011 -

M.A.C Cosmetics Volunteer Efforts Extended to a Full Week at Local Organisations Dedicated to HIV/AIDS Relief

From November 28, 2011 through December 2, 2011 M.A.C Cosmetics employees around the world will put away their makeup brushes and use their helping hands to participate in an annual company-wide volunteer effort to commemorate World AIDS Day. Organised by the M.A.C AIDS Fund, the brand’s philanthropic foundation, this initiative involves more than 1,800 M.A.C employees in 120 North American cities and 33 countries worldwide. In London, M.A.C artists will donate their time, energy and skills to local organisations dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

M . A.C artists from the UK and Ireland will pitch in to help at London’s Positive East and give up some of their free time to talk to women and advise them on their regime and makeup look. All of this will go towards helping their confidence to get back into work and encourage self-believe when going for job interviews. There will also be time for the children in the Positive East crèche to have their face-painted by one of the M . A . C artists. The evening sees the launch of the art exhibition ‘The Optimist at the East Gallery - Brick Lane.  The exhibition will show works of art with the theme of ‘reflections on HIV past, present and future’, by artists from around the world. The art pieces and signed prints will then be sold off to raise money for Positive East.

In addition to the week-long volunteer efforts, on December 1, M.A.C stores and counters around the world will observe World AIDS Day with the sounds of former M.A.C VIVA GLAM spokespeople, from Lady Gaga and Mary J. Blige to Sir Elton John, who have helped raise over $235 million through the M.A.C AIDS Fund for men, women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Customers who purchase a VIVA GLAM Lipstick or Lipglass on World AIDS Day will receive a temporary tattoo that reads “Everyday is World AIDS Day at M.A.C,” in support of the M.A.C AIDS Fund.

“It is so inspiring to volunteer at local organisations on World AIDS Day and really see first-hand the immense impact the M . A . C AIDS Fund has on individuals living with and affected by HIV/AIDS,” said Neil Young, M.A.C Senior Artist, London. “This experience certainly inspires us to continue to support the M . A.C VIVA GLAM campaign and reinforces the incredible difference one lipstick can make.”

One hundred percent of the sales price of M . A . C’s VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass (minus VAT where applicable) goes directly to benefit HIV/AIDS organizations and partnerships in more than 67 countries. To date, the company has raised more than $235 million to fight HIV/AIDS.

“Our employees take great pride in the fact that 100 percent of each VIVA GLAM sale they make goes directly toward improving the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS,” said Nancy Mahon, Global Executive Director of the M·A·C AIDS Fund and Senior Vice President of MAC Cosmetics.  ”It is heartwarming to see our employees go one step further on World AIDS Day and unite to lend a hand to community projects around the world.  The company is bonded by our commitment to the M·A·C AIDS Fund, the heart and soul of the MAC brand.”

All over the globe, M . A . C employees are giving back in a variety of ways.  In India, artists will pair up with the women of Y.R. Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRG CARE) and assist them with preparing and selling food items from carts in the streets of Chennai.  In Munich, Germany, artists will support the Münchner AIDS-Hilfe e.V. by selling teddy bears to pedestrians in order to collect money for people living with HIV.  M . A . C volunteers in Chile will partner with the Santa Clara Foundation and spend the evening with kids living with or affected by HIV/AIDS playing, cooking a meal and helping to do house repairs. Other participating M . A . C affiliates are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, TR-Bali and Venezuela.


The M.A.C AIDS Fund, the heart and soul of M.A.C Cosmetics, was established in 1994 to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally. MAF is a pioneer in HIV/AIDS funding, providing financial support to organizations working with underserved regions and populations. As the largest corporate non-pharmaceutical giver in the arena, MAF is committed to addressing the link between poverty and HIV/AIDS by supporting diverse organisations around the world that provide a wide range of services to people living with HIV/AIDS. To date, $235 million (U.S) has been raised through the sale of M.A.C’s VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass donating 100 percent of the sale price (minus VAT where applicable) to fight HIV/AIDS. For more information visit  


Positive East’s seeks to

  • Enable people living with HIV to fulfil their potential, better manage living with HIV and be able to maximise their health, wellbeing and independence;
  • Address the high rates of late HIV diagnosis and preventing the onward transmission of HIV;
  • Challenge the HIV related stigma and discrimination, and ensuring that the public policy process adequately represents the needs of people living with HIV.

Positive East’s Mission - “To improve the physical, economic, emotional and psychological quality of life for individuals and communities affected by HIV across East London“. With services delivered from their centre in Stepney as well as from their outreach venues in every East London Borough, their goal is to provide  tailored solutions to allow people diagnosed with HIV the best opportunity to maximise their health and well-being.

Details about the Optimist art show can be found

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