aql Prepare for World IPv6 Day

By Aql, PRNE
Monday, June 6, 2011

LEEDS, England, June 7, 2011 -

- World Leading IPv6 Training Company (Erion) Colocate Servers With aql
In Preparation For World IPv6 Day

June 8th 2011 is World IP Version 6 "IPv6" day. This is the target day
for many ISP's and other Internet access providers to make their network
compatible with the new future-proof Internet addressing scheme.

Wholesale telecoms and data network operator, aql, are launching their
commercial IPv6 colocation offering on June 8th. This is not just a toe-dip,
but the day that the doors open at aql for any customer or enterprise to
install servers in aql's datacentres and to be assigned IPv6 Internet

Early adopters of the service, such as IPv6 specialists Erion, have been
operating IPv6 on the aql network for a number of months, providing useful
feedback to ensure aql's service is fit for purpose. David Holder, MD of
Erion, states, "As one of the world's leading IPv6 training companies, we are
delighted with the native IPv6 service from aql. We have been users of aql
colocation and voice services for many years. Now with aql's deployment of
native IPv6 we will be able to decommission our IPv6 tunnels to our aql
servers. The switch over to IPv6 at aql took only a few minutes and we were
successfully operating over native IPv6 almost immediately."

Dr Adam Beaumont, CEO of aql, explains more on IPv6 and the bigger
picture, "Industry research has predicted growth in the number of connected
devices to rise from a current 5 billion to a staggering 50 billion devices
by 2020." He continued, "In order to get all of these devices online, more
Internet address space is needed and only IPv6 can deliver this scalability.
This is proving a huge technical challenge to many organisations, both fixed
and mobile operators. However - aql are committed to delivering IPv6 and are
supported by massive proactivity and enthusiasm from the community including
industry experts and longstanding aql partners such as David Holder of Erion,
Adrian Kennard of specialist IPv6 ISP AAISP and Andy Davidson of Hurricane
Electric, the largest IPv6 global network provider. All their help and
insight is invaluable to achieving this goal."

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