‘ThrillaX’ Factor Enters Travel Charts

By Iexplore, PRNE
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LONDON, November 2, 2011 -

Glamping is passé and staycations are yesterday’s news. ‘Thrillaxing’ - relaxing through getting active while on holiday - is the next big thing for travel trendsetters.

A survey, commissioned by new website iExplore, revealed that just over half of UK holidaymakers have already ‘thrillaxed’ this year.

Scientists have even created a mathematical equation to calculate a holiday’s ‘thrillaxing-factor’, calculated based on holiday type, activity level, memorability and just how relaxing the holiday was. The formula gives a score from 0-30 with 30 being the ultimate ‘thrillaxing’ experience.

(Ht + Al + Mem) / Rlx = Thrillaxing

Commenting on his formula, organisational psychologist Professor Cary Cooper said: “It’s well known that activity produces hormones which counteract stress and help the body to relax. Keeping the mind active by visiting new places or trying something different will also help to banish the worries that creep into our brains when we try to switch off.

“In addition, shared new experiences and adventures give us lots more to talk about, which can enhance relationships with family and friends.”

One man who has had his fair share of adventures is ITV Sports presenter, former ‘Holiday’ front man and iExplore ambassador Craig Doyle who has listed his top five active holidays for 2012:

1. Active Arctic and Ice Hotel in Sweden - challenging activities in an unusual winter location. Thrillax factor 29

2. Namibian Family Adventure - stunning scenery and spectacular wildlife. Thrillax factor 25

3. Dubrovnik Yacht Charter - exploring the Dalmatian coast. Thrillax factor 24.5

4. Cycling in Vietnam - lots of culture, for all. Thrillax factor 24

5. Tango and Samba Tour of Argentina and Brazil - take in the sights and sounds of these two incredible countries Thrillax factor 19

Craig said: “A good mix of beach, culture and activities is what makes a holiday for me so ‘thrillaxing’ pretty well sums up my idea of a perfect break, with plenty to do for the whole family. Many of my favourite travel memories have come from trips like this.”

With two thirds of UK holidaymakers surveyed believing that choosing a more adventurous trip is the key to escaping the stresses of their day-to-day lives, and 75% finding that keeping active abroad helps take their minds off what’s happening at home and in the office, it’s clear that Brits are looking for a bit more from their holidays.

Rob Laurens from iExplore said: “Our research highlights that, contrary to traditional holiday thinking, keeping both body and mind stimulated with new experiences whilst away is fundamental to recharging your batteries.

“However, while we may be keen to try something slightly different on our next overseas trip, it can be difficult to know where to start which is where iExplore comes in.”

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