Topshop Announces New Ashish Range for 2011

By Topshop, PRNE
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LONDON, January 12, 2011 - Topshop has announced it will be welcoming Ashish back for another
collection of his printed t-shirts this January.

Inspired by the fast-food industry, mixed with a touch of Ashish's
trademark comic style, the collection is made up of two oversized t-shirts
and two sweatshirts with images of convenience food featured on the front.
These include an ice cream sundae, a fried breakfast in the shape of a smiley
face, a hotdog 'happy meal' and a colourful iced doughnut. The bright
pictures stand out against the plain white, navy and black backgrounds.

Affectionately known by the style set as the 'King of Sequins', Ashish
first worked with Topshop in 2004 when he won NEW GEN sponsorship. His
collections mix sportswear and high-octane glamour, often using bright
colours, sequins and prints.

Ashish commented: "The inspiration was very easy - I love junk food. I
was thinking of what I would like to wear to the gym, and I thought junk food
on t-shirts and sweatshirts would be perfect. Perhaps not very motivational,
but definitely very amusing."

This collection marks Ashish's sixth with Topshop and will be available
in the Oxford Circus, Brompton Road, Selfridges and New York stores and on
Topshop's website from January.

About Topshop:

Topshop was established in 1964 and is part of Arcadia Group Ltd. Sir
Philip Green became owner of Arcadia Group Ltd in 2002.

Topshop is continually recognised as being an authority on women's
fashion and on clothing such as jeans, dresses, scarves, knitwear and shoes.

Topshop has won several awards for design reputation and new services,
and has a wide range of clothing from women's jeans, (
ategoryId=208527&beginIndex=1&pageSize=20&sort_field=Relevance) dresses
categoryId=208527&beginIndex=1&pageSize=20&sort_field=Relevance) and jackets
categoryId=208527&beginIndex=1&pageSize=20&sort_field=Relevance) to maternity
wear, make-up and gifts.

Topshop was the first fashion (
13052&catalogId=33060) retailer to show on schedule at London Fashion Week in
September 2005 when it presented its own acclaimed in-house design
collection, Unique (created in 2001). Subsequent partnerships with
international boutiques as far flung as Tokyo and LA followed and Topshop
continues to grow its reputation for supporting exciting new talent.

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