CashWebCommunity Makes Brink's Leader of the Pack in The Netherlands

By Transtrack International, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

New Cash Management Software Enables a Premium Managed Service for Bank and Retail Cash Points

UTRECHT, Netherlands, January 11, 2011 - Brink's Nederland (a subsidiary of the world's market leader
in cash and valuables logistics) has adopted the latest Cash Management
software, which is part of the CashWebCommunity (CWC) software suite supplied
by Transtrack International. This has resulted in the fully automated
administration and management of cash points, such as ATMs and retail deposit
terminals. All orders relating to cash and service delivery are now
forecasted and optimized using a sophisticated algorithm. The software brings
improved efficiency in cash handling and service, and offers monitoring via a
secured web portal for clients.

Transtrack and Brink's have successfully rolled out this
unique full-service solution. As a result Brink's is able to provide a
service proposition that offers customers a complete end-to-end solution for
managing, handling and controlling the cash value chain.

"Using Transtrack's software we are able to offer our
customers a service that saves money . As an example, our cash management
service optimizes the frequency of servicing and lowers the average amount of
cash stock in an ATM or retail cash point. This service is unique for The
, and brings added value to our customers," says Ran Ancho,
Managing Director of Brink's Netherlands.

The software enables Brink's to completely automate the order
optimization and the order dispatching processes required to service the
various cash points just-in-time. The software effectively manages both cash
volumes and logistical activities. Combined with Brink's experience and
knowledge on logistical supply chain management, this solution generates a
maximum value for the customer.

Transtrack is market leader in the development of software
solutions that address the control and management of the end-to-end processes
within the cash supply chain. "The market requires sophisticated IT solutions
for supply chain optimization and visibility," said Ronald van Vliet,
Managing Director of Transtrack. "Our product development is aimed at ongoing
improvement of logistics and cooperation."

The CWC software forms an integral part of creating a complete
cash management solution that allows for effective outsourcing of cash
services and still provides the essential element of controlling the
outsourced service on a real time basis.

Please contact Theo De Oliveira for more information. E info at, T +31(0)302404212, F +31(0)302404242

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