Sipro Lab Telecom Becomes the New Licensing Administrator of the W-CDMA Patent Pool

By Sipro Lab Telecom Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MONTREAL, January 12, 2011 - Sipro Lab Telecom and the licensors of the W-CDMA Patent Pool announced
today that as of January 1, 2011, Sipro is the new licensing administrator of
the W-CDMA Patent Pool. With the help of Sipro Lab Telecom, the licensors of
the W-CDMA Patent Pool want to further increase the attractiveness of the
W-CDMA Patent Pool's offering to manufacturers of W-CDMA terminal products
and other patent holders of W-CDMA essential patents.

Sipro Lab Telecom plans to contact all potential holders of W-CDMA
essential patents and manufacturers of W-CDMA terminal products that have not
yet joined the W-CDMA Patent Pool as licensors or licensees. "We definitely
intend to address any issues raised by the industry in order to enhance the
benefits of the W-CDMA Patent Pool.", says Catharie Béchamp, Vice-President
Licensing at Sipro Lab Telecom.

The W-CDMA Patent Pool has already successfully attracted twelve (12)
licensors to its program. Sipro wants to attract more licensors so that
royalties payable to the numerous holders of W-CDMA essential patents can be
pooled under one joint license agreement, and thus bring more certainty to
the market as to the cumulative royalty rate payable for W-CDMA terminal
products. "By adding even more licensors to the program, we will increase the
predictability around licensing terms and conditions in the
telecommunications industry. To achieve this goal, the licensing program
strives to meet the expectations of potential licensors", adds Ms. Nathalie
, Licensing Director at Sipro Lab Telecom.

"The licensors of the W-CDMA Patent Pool are confident that the W-CDMA
Patent Pool has reached a epochal point in its development. We will work
diligently to enhance the appeal of the program to both licensors and
licensees to ensure its success," concludes Ms. Béchamp.

About the W-CDMA Patent Pool

The W-CDMA Patent Pool includes France Telecom, Fujitsu, KPN, Mitsubishi
Electric, NEC, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, NTT DOCOMO, Panasonic, Sharp,
Siemens, SK Telecom and Toshiba.

About Sipro Lab Telecom

Sipro Lab Telecom is a patent pool administrator and licensing agent for
the W-CDMA, G.729, G.723.1, G.729.1 and G.711.1 patent pools, with nearly two
decades of experience in patent pool creation and management for standardized
telecommunications technologies. Sipro's hallmarks are solid business ethics
in managing multiple patent pools, extensive knowledge of the
telecommunications market and dedication to service excellence and commitment
to customer satisfaction.

Sipro actively contributes to the spread of technologies through its
proactive approach and first-class services to partners and customers. Sipro
is a privately owned Canadian corporation created in 1994 and based in
Montreal, Quebec.

    For further information:

    All enquiries should be made via the Licensing Administrator.

    Nathalie Beaudoin
    Director of Licensing
    Sipro Lab Telecom Inc.
    750 Lucerne Road, Suite 200
    Montreal, Quebec
    H3R 2H6 CANADA
    Phone: +1-514-737-5874
    Fax: +1-514-737-2327

Contact: Nathalie Beaudoin, Director of Licensing, Sipro Lab Telecom Inc., 750 Lucerne Road, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec, H3R 2H6 CANADA, Phone: +1-514-737-5874, Fax: +1-514-737-2327, Email: info at .

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