TripAdvisor Reveals 2011 UK Accommodation Owners Survey

By Tripadvisor, PRNE
Monday, March 7, 2011

Annual Poll Reveals Majority of UK Hotels Don't Foresee Room Rate Increases in 2011 Yet Competitive Landscape Means Renovation Investment is High on Owners' Agenda

LONDON, March 8, 2011 - TripAdvisor(R), the world's largest travel site, today announced the
results of its first annual survey of U.K. accommodation owners. Over 500*
British hoteliers and B&B owners revealed their plans to attract customers
and stimulate business growth in 2011.

Survey respondents offered insights into several other hospitality
industry trends, from the importance of special promotions to plans for
online engagement and mobile marketing.

"With service standards rising and choice more visible than ever, more
travellers consult third-party resources, such as TripAdvisor, before booking
a hotel and the survey shows the British hospitality industry is taking this
on board," said Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business.

"The results show that most accommodation owners are now taking proactive
steps to manage their online reputation. Most are seizing the opportunity to
connect with prospective guests, demonstrate their commitment to customer
service and, ultimately, provide the vital online community with an accurate
and attractive picture of their business."

Rates to hold steady or rise in UK for 2011

According to the survey, UK property owners expect rates will trend in
the following ways:

    - Hold steady - 54%
    - Increase - 41%
    - Decrease - 5%

Investing in extensive renovations

With the hotel landscape more competitive than ever, the majority of
respondents plan to renovate their properties this year:

    - 75% of owners are planning renovations to their property's
    interior in 2011
    - 52% are planning renovations to their property's exterior
    this year

Owners embrace promotions

Three quarters (75%) of British accommodation owners intend to offer
special promotions in 2011 to attract guests, with over half (51%) planning
to offer room discounts. In addition:

    - 17% will offer a free night's stay with booking
    - 11% will offer special amenities
    - 9% will offer deals on nearby attractions
    - 7% will offer free transportation
    - 6% will offer reward points

Online engagement

UK accommodation owners this year are planning to engage their audiences
on TripAdvisor:

    - Over half of respondents (56%) plan to respond to both positive and
    negative reviews
    - 20% plan to respond to negative reviews only
    - 23% do not plan to respond to reviews at all

In addition, the survey identified a significant increase in the number
of owners posting pictures of their property on TripAdvisor: in 2010, 61% of
respondents posted photos on TripAdvisor, and in 2011 this number will rise
to 77%.

Most hoteliers provide free in-room internet

The vast majority of hoteliers understand the importance of free in -room
internet to guests:

    - An encouraging 82% of respondents plan to offer free in-room intent in
    - 7% plan to offer in-room intent but will charge extra
    - 11% do not plan to offer in-room intent at all

Surge in social media for UK hospitality

Of those hoteliers and B&B owners who are already engaged in social

    - 44% expect their social media marketing budgets to increase
    - 44% expect social media budgets to remain the same in 2011
    - 12% expect this budget to decrease in 2011
    - 39% did not engage in social media marketing in 2010 and do
    not intend to in 2011

Mobile marketing grows

Mobile marketing amongst hoteliers is also set to steadily grow this

    - 18% of survey respondents plan to launch programs, for the first time
    in 2011, to engage with travellers using mobile devices.
    - Another 27% indicated that they had offered such programs last year and
    will continue to do so this year.
    - 56% have no plans to offer programs to engage travellers using mobile
    devices in 2011.

"TripAdvisor's first annual Accommodation Owners Survey suggests that the
hotel industry is still being affected by a slow economy, as the majority of
respondents don't foresee room rate increases this year," continued Christine
. "Yet, savvy hoteliers are attempting to stand apart from the crowd
by embracing social media, launching mobile marketing features and offering
the programmes consumers demand most."

*Survey carried out on 520 accommodation owners in January 2011

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