Understanding Government Waste and Opportunities

By Bip Solutions Ltd, PRNE
Monday, August 1, 2011

GLASGOW, Scotland, August 2, 2011 -

The UK government is making progress on reducing wasteful expenditure, but much more needs to be done in order for government to meet its targets.

However, discovering what government spends, with whom and how often, has remained far more difficult than it should be - until now.

Tracker Spend Analysis - a new service from procurement experts BiP Solutions - provides government buyers, suppliers and the media with the most far-reaching and insightful analysis of government spending than has ever before been possible.

Tracker Spend Analysis is the first service to bring together details of government spending in one place, enabling users to understand every aspect of government expenditure and waste. From central government departments to local councils and health authorities, Tracker Spend Analysis collects, cleanses and categorises all available spend data and allows users to revolutionise their visibility of public sector spend activity.

Tracker Spend Analysis is unique in providing not only spend data but also the means to interpret and explore it, right down to individual transactions worth from a few hundred pounds to tens of millions. With more than 10 million line items of expenditure from over 950 government buyers currently available on the service (plus details of around 300,000 government suppliers), Tracker Spend Analysis reveals trends and patterns that have previously been invisible.

For public sector buyers and their suppliers, Tracker Spend Analysis is an invaluable source of intelligence on opportunities and threats. Buyers can use the service to identify supply chain risks and opportunities for negotiation, while suppliers can use it to reveal activity among current and potential customers and their competitors. For the media and other commentators on government issues, Tracker Spend Analysis is a powerful means of identifying stories about waste and inefficiency and can also validate claims of reductions in spending or smarter procurement.

Tracker Spend Analysis has been developed by BiP Solutions, a leading provider of market intelligence, insight and analysis for the public and private sectors. Based in Glasgow and employing more than 220 people, BiP has over 26 years’ experience within the public procurement market and unrivalled knowledge of the UK public sector.

To learn more about Tracker Spend Analysis and the transformational effect it will have on your understanding of government spend, watch the ‘Shining Light on Transparency’ video at www.bipsolutions.com/trackerspendanalysis/

For further information, please contact Grahame Steed, Publishing Director, BiP Solutions at grahame.steed@bipsolutions.com or on +44(0)141-270-7379.


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