Ways to Utilise WiFi in Data Offloading

By Telecomsiq, PRNE
Thursday, October 6, 2011

LONDON, October 7, 2011 -

With mobile data traffic estimated to increase 26-fold by 2015, data offloading is now an integral part of mobile operators’ network optimisation strategy.

With the increase in mobile data, WiFi has begun to play a big part in an operator’s offloading strategy.  In an exclusive podcast with Telecoms IQ, Adnan Hantalasevic, Expert Associate of Technical Solution Designing at BH Telecom, explains the benefits of using WiFi, how it can be used to reduce network congestion and how you can overcome the main challenges of building Wi-Fi networks.

In addition, BH Telecom will be presenting at Data Offloading Strategies from the 5th-8th November in Barcelona.  They will be discussing their experiences of building a WiFi network to expand the coverage and capacity of their 3G network.  BH Telecom are joining other leading experts including:

  • Dave Wisely, Chief Mobile Strategist, BT
  • Andrzej Milkowski, Director of Engineering, P4
  • Ramin Hekmat, Wireless and Offloading Network Strategist, KPN
  • Karim El-Khazen, Head of Project Development Business Development and Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
  • David Haszeldine, International Technology Economics, T-Mobile International

Take this opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of femtocells versus WiFi and discover how your peers are ensuring seamless handovers and optimising QoS and QoE when implementing offloading techniques.  Data Offloading Strategies (www.dataoffloading.com) will explore the key areas of focus for operators across Europe and the Middle East as they look to different offloading technologies to cost-effectively expand network coverage and capacity.

Data Offloading Strategies will be held on the 5th - 8th December 2011 at the Fira Palace Hotel in Barcelona and will bring together senior offloading and network experts to discuss the offloading strategies and techniques that can provide both an optimal customer experience and the best ROI.  

Download the conference programme at www.dataoffloading.com

Data Offloading Strategies Media Centre features another interview with Jack Hakimian, Director of Corporate Strategy at Zain Group on ‘What are the costs and benefits of offloading?’

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