Performance Revolution at Serverloft: Fastest SSDs, More RAM and CPU Capacity

By Serverloft, PRNE
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

COLOGNE, Germany, November 25, 2010 - The hosting provider serverloft has just ushered in a performance
revolution: all server offers now include new hardware with even more power,
and the fastest SSD storage devices currently on the market. And all this
without increasing the monthly base price. In order to celebrate the
performance revolution suitably, serverloft is making its customers a special
opening offer: when ordering a PerfectServer L before December 31, 2010, the
base price will only be 79 Euros instead of 99 Euros per month for the whole
contract term. In addition, for all server packages, the setup fee of 149
is discounted, and the contract term is only one month, as usual at

To achieve a further performance boost for the serverloft servers, the
main memory and hard disk space has not just been increased, but in many
cases even doubled. For example, PerfectServer L now has 8 GB RAM and 2,000
GB disk space, and PerfectServer XXL has 24 GB RAM and 2,000 GB disk space.
Moreover, all servers are equipped with high-speed SSD devices with 258 MB/s
throughput. These are the worldwide fastest SSDs currently offered. The
capacity of the SSDs used depends on the server type and ranges from 60 to
120 GB.

Furthermore, serverloft customers now benefit from having their servers
hosted at datadock, Europe's greenest data center. It is not only outstanding
due to its power efficiency, but also features first-class connection and
reliability. That way, serverloft customers contribute to environmental
protection and also profit from maximum availability and the fastest access.

serverloft is one of the leading companies in the hosting business
worldwide. All serverloft offers are addressed to professional users, who
manage their servers by themselves with full root access. serverloft
customers get branded hardware with all offers, as well as a fast and stable
connection, free support, and replacement of defective hardware 24/7 within
four hours.

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Thomas Strohe
    Daimlerstrasse 9-11
    50354 Huerth, Germany
    Phone: +492233612-0

If you have any questions, please contact: serverloft, Thomas Strohe, Daimlerstrasse 9-11, 50354 Huerth, Germany, Phone: +492233612-0, presse at

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