Ambitious Dunkirk Evacuation Commemoration in Line for Awards

By Initiative Partners, PRNE
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LONDON, November 25, 2010 - One of the most ambitious events of 2010 - the 70th anniversary
commemoration of the World War Two evacuation of Dunkirk - has been short
listed for several industry awards.

Using a ferry from client Norfolkline's fleet as a floating venue with
1,000 guests on board and a complex series of events spanning a 24-hour
period on both sides of the English Channel, Initiative Partners achieved a
highly-successful event at very short notice which both raised Norfokline's
Dover-Dunkirk crossing while marking the anniversary with dignity as well as

In tribute to the thousands of individuals who helped evacuate troops
from Dunkirk in 1940, Initiative Partners will be accompanied at the Eventia
Awards at the London Hilton on Friday (November 26) by one of the veterans
who joined them for the commemoration event in France.

Ninety-year-old John Bolton from Manchester was among the 338,000
serviceman evacuated from the beaches at Dunkirk during ten days in May,

John said of the 70th anniversary event: "It was a fantastic day but also
very moving. I'm looking forward to going to the awards on Friday and I
hoping Initiative Partners win. They did us proud."

Initiative Partners conceived and devised the programme of events which
was then executed by European Events in just 8 weeks, including persuading
Norfolkline to use its own ferry as a floating venue and company ambassador,
even though decommissioning a ferry would result in significant loss of

Among the challenges faced by Initiative Partners was the fact that the
commemorative events had to encompass a diverse audience from both sides of
the Channel, including veterans, MOD and embassy officials, dignitaries,
historians, current serving military personnel and their families, local
residents and children.

Christopher Palmer-Jeffery, Senior Partner of Initiative Partners said:
"The feel on board was one of overall celebration with the music from the
bands and choirs being used to set the mood for each stage of the day such as
sombre for the remembrance of fallen colleagues and uplifting for the arrival
of the Little Ships."

Palmer-Jeffery added: "It was a complex, theatrical yet emotional 24
hours that exceeded everyone's expectations'


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