WISeKey Announces at the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2010 in Cartagena, Colombia an Agreement to Deploy Intelligent eCards for 350,000 Citizens

By Wisekey Sa, PRNE
Monday, April 5, 2010

GENEVA, RIO and CARTAGENA, Colombia, April 6, 2010 - WISeKey, world leader in solutions designed to secure electronic
transactions and cloud computing, reinforces with this deal its presence in
Latin America with the signing of an agreement with a group of Brazilian
companies NexCardSolutions, Etica Soluções em TI and Brasilinvest to deploy a
project with the name *Cartão Portal*. It consists of an Intelligent eCard
simulating the functions of a traditional credit card but reinforced with
latest technologies developed by WISeKey and the Brazilian consortium. These
include a dual cryptographic microprocessor, robust encryption, strong
authentication and digital identification on the eCard, increasing the
functionality, security and confidentiality of the user.

The Cartão Portal eCard enables multiple functions such as access to
medical services and files, credit and debit functionalities, access control
functions to access movie theaters, stadiums, shows, events. It can
additionally be used to access public transportation systems.

The confidential data exchanges involved in these services including the
financial data collected by the transactional data are stored in "trusted
private clouds" at city level which are securely accessed via the Web and
Mobiles: The Trusted Private Cloud approach, which has now become a trend in
the IT industry, is something WISeKey has been working on for the last 10
years in different countries around the world, with the first e-Government
Cloud service implemented by the Geneva Government in cooperation with
WISeKey and HP in 2000 allowing citizens to vote online securely. WISeKey
provides the logical and mathematical processes and tools allowing these
types of citizen services to secure the confidentiality, integrity and
anonymity of the information stored in these private clouds.

The original idea to develop *Cartão Portal started from the needs of
Uberaba, a city in Southeast Brazil with around 350,000 citizens. This city
in the state of Minas Gerais carries many characteristics of similar councils
in Latin America — an agro-industrial hub, low-tech enterprises, but also
fierce challenges in areas such as public sanitation and housing.

"We were looking for a dynamic solution that could integrate the multiple
services into a citizen platform" mentioned Anderson Adauto Pereira, Mayor of
Uberaba. "This new online tool provides the required dignity and social
satisfaction via a technology of the 21 century", he added.

For Marcello Hallake, International Director of CDI (Centro para a
Democratização da Informática), NGO active in dozens of countries, this is
"just the type of project required for reinforcing the digital citizenship.
It converts complex technologies into an integrated simple use device. This
is the right reference for other cities in Latin America".

"With the increased global interest towards Brazil thanks to the FIFA
World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, this is a spectacular solution
for visitors to the country. The applications for the tourism sector are
enormous", said Ricardo Albin, from the Cultural Council of Rio de Janeiro.

Mario Garnero, Chairman of Brasilinvest and Forum das Americas eyes the
Cartão Portal as "yet another bright example on how to empower the notion of
e-citizenship throughout Latin America. Making life easier is the right way
to spread technology use wide in our region "

Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISekey Worldwide asserted that "this
first Cartão Portal project Integrates fully into the strategy of the company
for Latin America by deploying sophisticated technologies that facilitate
services and functionalities to the citizens whilst allowing them to maintain
the control of their identities and cloud services at local level."

Moreira mentioned that the increasing presence of WISeKey in the LATAM
region would be strongly oriented towards the establishment of technology
transactional hubs, which provide the required platform for industrial
development of technologies, local R&D and development of applications for
enterprises, governments and individuals. WISeKey already established WISeKey
Brazil with BrasilInvest and is now expanding in many other countries in the

Recognized as a *Global Growth Company* by the World Economic Forum,
WISeKey has also attracted the interest of MIT (*Massachusetts Institute of
*), the world mecca for research and technological

Moreira will share his vision and plans for WISeKey towards Latin America
in an address to a selected audience of over 500 entrepreneurs and members of
the science community in New England during the traditional *MIT Latin
Conference* to be held late April in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Marcos Troyjo
    CEO WISekey Brazil
    Tel.: +41-22-929-57-57
    E-Mail: mtroyjo@windows.com

Marcos Troyjo, CEO WISekey Brazil, Tel.: +41-22-929-57-57, E-Mail: mtroyjo at windows.com

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