WISeKey and Original1 Join Forces to Provide Global Brand Protection Services

By Wisekey Sa, PRNE
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GENEVA and FRANKFURT, May 12, 2010 - WISeKey and Original1 announce a strategic alliance for the usage of
cryptography technologies in the field of anti-counterfeiting. The
combination of strong authentication, with product lifecycle management
services, as well as identification technologies, such as barcodes, RFIDs,
holograms and other machine-readable marker technologies ensures the control
of the product lifecycle and prevents piracy.

WISeKey will contribute in this strategic partnership with its
WISeAuthentic Platform which is currently in deployment by several mayor
watch brands including Hublot, installing presently the solution in over 400
boutiques around the world. Last year Hublot and WISeKey revolutionized
BASELWORLD 2009 with this breakthrough technology against counterfeiting.

"We are very happy about this strategic partnership with Original1 which
will allow us to aggressively pursue the use of our WISeAuthentic
technology," declares Carlos Moreira, the company's Founder, President and
CEO. "We are pleased to have prestigious brands as significant customers for
our proprietary technology and are looking forward to the continued
development and application based on our international patent pending
technology in new areas related to the anti-counterfeiting market."
WISeAuthentic is not only a solution to fight against counterfeiting but also
provides an embedded control of the gray market. It complements the sales
monitoring in real time and finally gives the opportunity to activate direct
marketing activities.

Original1 was established last year by Nokia along with SAP and Giesecke
& Devrient (G&D) to deliver unique product authentication and
anti-counterfeiting services across the globe. These services are aimed at
protecting companies and consumers along the supply chain in a wide range of
industries from product piracy and counterfeiting, thereby maintaining brand
values, revenue potentials and profitability of branded goods.

Original1's services rely on SAP technology and solutions, while Nokia
delivers mobile authentication software to allow businesses to follow a
branded product's entire life cycle, from a factory to the end customer,
using mobile devices. G&D's contribution to Original1 consists of security
solutions for the entire value chain. This comprises user authentication,
end-to-end encryption of the information flow and database encryption. The
solution covers the complete sales and logistic supply chain by protecting
products and related product packaging by tagging them with intelligent,
tamper-proof serialized product codes. "Counterfeiting is a worldwide problem
that is affecting many successful product companies in all industries,"
emphasizes Claudia Alsdorf, CEO of Original1. "Today, more than ever, they
need to combat counterfeiting before it's too late, and their company
livelihood is at stake. With this new partnership we strengthen our
commitment to completely protect companies from counterfeit goods, all while
safe-guarding the value of their brands."

Counterfeiting represents approximately five to seven percent of all
world trade. With the global luxury industry estimated to reach around 212
billion US dollars
sales this year, in accordance with US consultancy Bain &
Co, these companies need a solution that will prove authenticity. The
technology is virtually fail-safe, as the encrypted digital information
within the smart card's chip is impossible to replicate and will remain so
for the foreseeable future, according to analysts, mathematicians and
academic experts who participated in the development of WISeKey's
technologies. WISeAuthentic and Original1 are also available for the whole
luxury goods industry as gemstones and for sectors where authenticity is
fundamental for theirs activities like aircraft parts, automotive parts,
pharmaceuticals and auctions.

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    Sylvie Gardel
    Corporate Communication Manager
    WISeKey SA

    Carlos Moreno
    VP Business Development Counterfeiting
    WISeKey SA

    Susanne Schmitt
    Head of Marketing

Sylvie Gardel, Corporate Communication Manager, WISeKey SA, +41-22/594-3017, sgardel at wisekey.com; Carlos Moreno, VP Business Development Counterfeiting, WISeKey SA, +41-22/594-3036, cmoreno at wisekey.com; Susanne Schmitt, Head of Marketing, Original1, +49-69-1753662-0, info at original1.net

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