World Finance Islamic Finance Awards 2010

By World Finance, PRNE
Monday, April 19, 2010

LONDON, April 20, 2010 - Islamic Finance has entered a new stage of development, emerging after
the global financial crisis as a more equitable and efficient alternative to
the Western approach. Interest in Islamic Finance began in the 1970s, mainly
due to the accumulated petro-dollars in Arab countries. In a rather pragmatic
approach, it was thought in the West that respecting Islamic principles
regarding finance would attract wealthy Arab investors.

World Finance conducted in-depth investigations into Islamic Finance over
the last twelve months. The magazine's editorial board sought to recognise
the systems in Islamic Finance generating growth and operating under good
levels of corporate governance. Congratulations to the winners.

    Best GCC Islamic Banks Fund
    Muthanna Investment Company

    Best Sukuk Fund
    Boubyan Bank

    Best New Islamic Fund, Asia
    ING Funds Berhad

    Best Islamic Retail Bank in the World
    Jordan Islamic Bank

    Best Islamic Investment Bank
    Al Sanabel International (Holding)

    Best Sharia'h-Compliant Hedge Fund Service Provider

    Best Takaful Issuer

    Best ReTakuful Issuer
    Hannover ReTakaful B.S.C.

    Islamic Finance CEO of the Year
    Sohail Jaffer of FWU Group

    Best Brokerage Services Provider
    United Securities LLC

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